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October 8-13, 2023
12th Annual ATIXA Conference with Training & Certification Courses

  • Date
    October 8-13, 2023
  • Location
    Loews Philadelphia Hotel

Join us for ATIXA’s 12th Annual Conference October 9-11, 2023, with pre-conference training courses October 8-9 and post-conference training courses October 12-13 in Philadelphia, PA. Connect with Title IX experts nationwide, and elevate your team’s knowledge through pre- and post-conference training and certification courses.

As the premier nationwide Title IX conference, this is an opportunity you want to take.

Find Your People

Embrace the power of community! As a Title IX professional, your work can often be emotionally taxing – from dealing with confidential cases to being the sole representative at your institution. Don’t struggle alone! Join our conference to get inspired and reinvigorated. Connect with like-minded peers and share best practices. Together, we can overcome burnout and excel at supporting our community. This conference is one thing you need this year to strengthen your work.

Exciting Speakers & Topics

Discover the latest developments in Title IX compliance and best practices from industry leaders. Our speakers will address the most pressing topics and provide solutions to the unique challenges faced in your work. Stay tuned for continually added conference speakers and topics!

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Conference Highlights

  • Pre- and Post-Conference training and certification courses
  • Expert-led sessions
  • Networking opportunities
  • Special hotel room blocks
  • Explore and engage with Philadelphia’s vibrant city

Schedule at a Glance

  • Oct. 8-9: Pre-conference training and certification courses
  • Oct. 9: Registration, reception, and opening keynote
  • Oct. 10: Conference full day
  • Oct. 11: Conference full day and closing keynote
  • Oct. 12-13: Post-conference training and certification courses in partnership with The Clery Center
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  • Certification Course

NPRiMer: Preparing for the Pending Title IX Regulations for Higher Education

October 8, 2023 | 8:30am-4:30pm ET

This full-day course will explore the procedural and substantive elements of the proposed Title IX regulations against the backdrop of ATIXA’s best practices approach for institutional sex-based discrimination and harassment grievance procedures, as well as more specific requirements for non-discrimination on the basis of pregnancy or related conditions. Title IX professionals will leave this course with a solid understanding of the proposed requirements for the various phases of the Title IX Grievance Process; training and reporting; awareness and response requirements for pregnant and parenting students and employees; protections for LGBTQIA+ individuals; and the scope and applicability of Title IX.

Click here to view more information.

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NPRiMer: Preparing Your K-12 School or District for the Pending Title IX Regulations

October 8, 2023 | 8:30am-12:30pm ET

This half-day course will explore the procedural and substantive elements of the proposed Title IX regulations against the backdrop of ATIXA’s best practices approach to institutional sex-based discrimination and harassment grievance procedures, as well as more specific requirements for non-discrimination on the basis of pregnancy or related conditions. Title IX professionals will leave this course with a solid understanding of the proposed requirements in the various phases for the Title IX Grievance Process; training and reporting; awareness and response requirements for pregnant and parenting students and employees; protections for LGBTQIA+ individuals; and the scope and applicability of Title IX.

ATIXA understands how challenging it has been for K-12 schools to keep pace with the constant swinging pendulum of the Title IX regulations. You will leave this training with a solid understanding of the proposed regulations and a plan for the specific implementation at your particular school or district.

Click here to view more information.

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Title IX Compliance and Athletics for Higher Education

October 8, 2023 | 8:30am-4:30pm ET

This one-day course will touch on issues of sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, and culture in athletics, and will also do a deeper dive into Program Equity compliance. Attendees will leave with a better understanding of not only why the issues exist, but how to spot red flags and address them. The presenters will draw from the courts, the news, and from their experiences working with athletic departments of all types across the country, as well as the Olympic movement. This course will apply for Title IX Coordinators with little or no athletic administration experience but is also intended for seasoned athletic compliance staff.

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NPRiMer: Preparing for the Pending Title IX Regulations for Higher Education Overview + Implementation, Nuances & Best Practices

October 8-9, 2023 | 8:30am-4:30pm ET both days

This two-day version of the pending Title IX Regulations Implementation for Higher Education course is offered to accommodate your training needs. This certification course provides a comprehensive review of the procedural and substantive elements of the pending Title IX regulations, with a focus on practical implementation strategies for Title IX administrators. This fully comprehensive two-day course provides additional nuances and best practices surrounding the Regulations.

Click here to view more information.

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Sex-Based Harassment Foundations for Higher Education

October 8-9, 2023 | 8:30am-4:30pm ET both days

This course provides practitioners with a foundational knowledge of policies, procedures, and trauma-informed practices that are compliant with Title IX and the Clery Act/VAWA Section 304, as well as other applicable intersecting laws, and offers an in-depth exploration of ATIXA’s recommended formal grievance resolution process and practices.

In combination with the included Title IX Fundamentals online pre-learning experience, Sex-Based Harassment Foundations meets both the Title IX and VAWA Section 304 training requirements for participants and explores programmatic excellence related to Sex-Based Harassment prevention and response in higher education.

Click here to view more information.

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Investigation Foundations for Higher Education

October 8-9, 2023 | 8:30am-4:30pm ET both days

This course equips individuals with the essential skills to carry out investigations of sex- and gender-based violence, harassment, and discrimination complaints. It also includes a comprehensive examination of the Title IX Formal Grievance Process and the role that the investigation, investigator, and investigation report play in it. Participants can easily customize the concepts and investigation framework to investigations under other civil rights laws, such as Title VI, Title VII, the ADA, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.

In addition, the course offers the Title IX Fundamentals online pre-learning experience that satisfies both Title IX and VAWA Section 304 training requirements for participants.

Click here to view more information.

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Title IX Compliance Essentials for K-12 Education

October 9, 2023 | 8:30am-4:30pm ET

Title IX Compliance Essentials for K-12 Education is designed to provide K-12 Title IX professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively address sex- and gender-based harassment and discrimination within their school or district’s education program and activities. Learn the key elements of Title IX compliance required of all K-12 schools that receive federal funding.

Click here to view more information.

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Violence Risk Assessment with NABITA Endorsement

October 9, 2023 | 8:30am-12:30pm ET

Violence Risk Assessment with NABITA Endorsement is a half-day course that will introduce participants to the VRA process. The Title IX regulations mandate an individualized safety or risk analysis if an institution is going to limit educational access (e.g., emergency removal), which can often take the form of a VRA. This program will help practitioners implement an evidence-based process that reduces bias, mitigates legal risk exposure, and ensures consistency in determining (1) if a VRA is warranted, (2) who should conduct the VRA, and (3) what to do after receiving the VRA results report. Those who attend the training will receive information on how to vet those conducting a VRA, how the VRA differs from other types of assessments, and how to work collaboratively with behavioral intervention, care, and/or threat assessment teams to ensure an effective and thorough process.

Click here to view more information.

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Annual Conference Registration Check-in & Welcome Reception

October 9, 2023 | 3:30-5:30pm ET

Join us anytime between 3:30pm-5:30pm ET to check in for the Annual Conference and enjoy the Welcome Reception. Meet with ATIXA staff and take a sneak peek at the exhibitor tables.

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Opening Keynote: A Taste of Title IX Insights on the Past, Present, and Future of the Field from the author of The Sexual Misconduct Prevention Guidebook

October 9, 2023 | 5:30-7:00pm ET

“How did we get here?” is a common question on Title IX professionals’ minds. Conjoined with “Where are we going?,” many dedicated practitioners are passionate about better understanding the historical, cultural, and ever-evolving landscape of preventing and responding to misconduct across their campuses and K-12 schools and districts. Join Dr. Laura McGuire- scholar, survivor, and author of The Sexual Misconduct Prevention Guidebook for this in-depth fireside discussion of all things Title IX: past, present, and future. Bring your questions on everything from restorative justice to decolonization to curriculum development as we walk through best practices for a bright future in our field.



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Featured Session A: Keeping Up With the Courts - Title IX Case Law Review

October 10, 2023 | 8:30am-10:00am ET

This Featured Session will explore critical court decisions across the country that influence and shape the Title IX landscape. Every week, federal and state courts deliver holdings that augment or restrict Title IX rights, as well as clarify longstanding questions or create new ones. Ever evolving, it can be challenging to keep up.

In this session, attendees will learn about emerging areas of liability for K-12 districts, colleges, and universities, in addition to discussing important takeaways to protect your institution. The presenters will navigate attendees through thorny and complex legal opinions, offering expert insight into the courts’ decisions and the ramifications for the field and your district or institution. Don’t miss this opportunity to dive deeper into the toughest questions at the forefront of Title IX practice!


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Featured Session A: Title IX K-12 Athletics Review and Activation Plans - Helping Title IX Coordinators and School/District Staff Understand and Incorporate in Tangible, Positive Ways Gender Equity into Youth Athletic Programming

October 10, 2023 | 8:30am-10:00am ET

In this interactive session, attendees will learn the nuts and bolts of K-12 Title IX athletics with regard to school-oriented programming, hear about several key cases, regulations, and Dear Colleague letters governing Title IX sports contexts, engage around several real-world examples of Title IX athletics matters across the U.S., and receive further general information, tools, and resources to examine K-12 athletics issues. Participants will come away with tangible steps regarding increasing girls’ participation in sport, keys for establishing cultures of gender equity in school contexts, and materials to inspire lasting gender equity in youth school-based sports. Note: This session does not contain legal advice. 


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Featured A: Exploring the Intersection of Conflict and DEI

October 10, 2023 | 8:30am-10:00am ET

Our DEI efforts create change. They disrupt the status quo. And conflict is a normal part of that change, of that disruption, and of progress. As change agents and advocates, we understand that conflict within the professional setting is also political and nuanced. There are many ways conflict can be weaponized against us and our efforts, so it’s vital that we learn to navigate conflict effectively and skillfully. This takes practice, commitment, and an openness to learning a different approach from what you may be used to. But knowing how to deftly navigate conflict will be well worth the effort. In this session, we’ll start with examining your own relationship with conflict, as this is foundational to understanding what strategies you need for effectively navigating conflict as you continue to advocate for equity and inclusion. You’ll learn how your relationship with conflict shows up in your interactions and how to leverage your influence.


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Featured Session A: Snaps, Sexts, and Sex Ed – Education and Protection from Technology-Facilitated Sexual Abuse in K-12 and Higher Ed

October 10, 2023 | 8:30am-10:00am ET

The COVID-19 pandemic moved wide swaths of life online for Americans, but especially our teens and emerging adults. These age groups, already expert users of the internet and smartphone applications, experienced a surge in the frequency and intensity of using social media and messaging services to establish and maintain social connections, including romantic relationships. Unfortunately, sexual and safety education has not kept up with the technology. The 2022 reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act established federal resources for victims of sexual cyber abuse and harassment, and although 40 states and the District of Columbia mandate prevention of violence education in K-12 curricula, only three states have incorporated information about sexting and/or nonconsensual distribution of images into their health and sexual education programs. This limited attention to technology-facilitated sexual abuse (TFSA) is insufficient to address the burgeoning issue of cyber abuse among adolescents and emerging adults. The meteoric rise of video sharing apps, deepfake technologies and sextortion, combined with the ubiquity of technology in classrooms, can create a hostile learning environment and open up both K-12 classrooms and Higher Ed programs to Title IX claims of school-based harassment and exploitation. In this session, we will explore what TFSA looks like now, the consequences of experiencing TFSA for adolescents and emerging adults, and what schools and Higher Ed administrators may consider adding to their toolkits for educating their students and protecting institutions from cyber abuse. 


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Concurrent Session One: The Application of Case Management in Title IX Offices

October 10, 2023 | 10:15am-11:30am ET

Both higher education and K-12 schools have seen an explosion of the case management role. We have case managers who work on student visa and immigration issues, case managers who help counseling centers to triage caseload, case managers who support the intervention work of BITs and CARE teams, and more. Now, we are starting to see the implementation of case managers in Title IX offices, and we want to endorse and encourage this trend. This session will explore the case management role in Title IX, how a case manager may improve your service delivery, timeliness, and effectiveness, and how case management software can support these efforts.

 If your process is slower than you’d prefer, you need to assess what is causing the delays and evaluate whether a full-time or part-time case manager might help to grease the process wheels, keep everything flowing, and move resolutions through to completion more efficiently. After working as a Title IX case manager on an interim basis for a client for 15 months, presenter Sokolow has some useful insights on the value that a case manager can add, how they can support workflow, and unburden other key Title IX team members whose focus needs to be on other Title IX compliance imperatives, not just on reactive case management.

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Concurrent Session One: Clery & Title IX - Intersections of Sexual Assault and Hazing

October 10, 2023 | 10:15am-11:30am ET

While the National Study of Student Hazing found that 55% of college students involved in clubs, teams, and organizations experience hazing, it is still often overlooked and minimized by students and administrators alike. As national dialogue around hazing increases and a federal anti-hazing bill is re-introduced, Title IX coordinators are uniquely positioned to address the intersection between sexual harassment and hazing.

This interactive session will use case studies to demonstrate the intersections and to explore how institutions are currently addressing sexual assault and harassment that occurs within the context of hazing. Participants will be asked to identify areas to improve institutional policies and procedures and will be provided resources to inform their work.

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Concurrent Session One: The Next 10 Years of Title IX - The Complexities of Gender Fluid & Non-Binary Students

October 10, 2023 | 10:15am-11:30am ET

While the last few years of Title IX legal analysis has been dominated by issues around transgender students, the next decade will shift focus to the more complex issue of gender nonconforming, or non-binary, students. When our schools, laws, and world are designed for a fixed two-gender system, what bathroom does a student use who identifies as a girl on Monday but a boy on Wednesday? What sports team is appropriate for a student who identifies as agender? In this session, you’ll hear from Jessica Heiser, a school attorney with a dozen years’ experience advising schools in the Midwest, certified by Northwestern University in Leading Equity and Inclusion in Organizations, and a parent of a non-binary child. Jessica shares the complicated legal landscape for the fastest growing group of LGBTQIA+ students and strategies to create inclusive, legally compliant spaces for all.

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Concurrent Session One: Connect. Engage. Influence. Transform! Strategies to Engage and Manage Stakeholders

October 10, 2023 | 10:15am-11:30am ET

Community organizations, K-12, and higher education institutions plan and implement projects for fundraising, civic engagement, and other initiatives. Projects without effective collaboration and communication can lead to project delays, finger pointing, negative press, and many stakeholders operating on their own agenda. Including stakeholders in all project phases is important to achieve goals and sustain internal and community partnerships.

Attend this interactive session to learn the theory of stakeholder management, best practices to identify stakeholders, manage stakeholder engagement, enhance stakeholder involvement, and how to stakein2win for project success.  Participants will use strategies introduced in this session and lessons learned to begin drafting a stakeholder management plan to use in future projects.

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Concurrent Session One: The Intersection of Title IX and Disability Law - Connecting the Dots

October 10, 2023 | 10:15am-11:30am ET

It has always been best practice for individuals who are responsible for ensuring an institution’s compliance with Title IX to coordinate and collaborate with those who are responsible for ensuring compliance with Section 504/ADA. This session will address those traditional opportunities for connection, such as ensuring that students, faculty, or staff with disabilities participating in a Title IX grievance process receive reasonable accommodations so they may effectively participate; partnering on training/education programs; the differences between supportive measures and academic adjustments/auxiliary aids and services; and more. However, the new Title IX regulations anticipated in October 2023 are expected to bring heightened demand for effective and enhanced coordination between Title IX offices and Disability Services, in particular with respect to pregnancy accommodations. This session will provide participants with a road map for establishing protocols that clarify roles and responsibilities and provide opportunities to forge important partnerships to ensure full compliance with these new Title IX requirements, while leveraging the longstanding expertise of Disability Services in identifying appropriate accommodations. Participants also will be engaged in a discussion of real-life scenarios that will illustrate the topics covered and equip them to return to their institutions with helpful insights and strategies to ensure equal access to programs and services without regard to gender or disability.

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Concurrent Session One: Policy Design Through an Equity Lens

October 10, 2023 | 10:15am-11:30am ET

We all have structural and systemic policies and practices within our organizations that impede true equity. This interactive session will enable participants to utilize a framework to promote academic excellence, inspire and stimulate academic innovation, and enhance student success. By attending this session, participants will be able to examine institutional policies and practices and understand where they are creating barriers of exclusion rather than opportunities for inclusion.

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Concurrent Session One: The Importance of Inclusive Excellence in Navigating Title IX with International Students

October 10, 2023 | 10:15am-11:30am ET

Institutions of higher education are dedicated to expanding access to students across our global society. U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement’s Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) 2021 report shared, international students in the United States pursued 1,142,352 degrees in higher education, which is an increase from calendar year 2020 (1,121,981) and came from 225 countries and pursued 1,485 different primary majors.

Many colleges and universities express their dedication to providing a welcoming environment where all may thrive in their institutional mission statement, priorities, and values. They communicate their actions in providing an environment where all may fully participate in their institutional vision statement and strategic plan.

How do you demonstrate dedication to providing a welcoming campus in the Title IX process when balancing cultural and societal norms? Are your actions inclusive throughout the process, for example: is the online reporting form available in multiple languages; are the investigation team, appeals panel, and advisors globally and linguistically diverse; what is the process for notifying and working with the international affairs office; do you include information about possibility of an adverse impact on the student visa if an interim suspension is warranted in the process; do you have a process for helping families in understanding something that may not exist in their respective countries; do you have a process for protecting students who may not be able to communicate with their families about this due to cultural and societal norms?

By sharing experiences, this session seeks to have a conversation around the importance of inclusive excellence in navigating Title IX with international students and to take away best practices in the field.

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Concurrent Session One: Unnecessary Tension - The Benefits of Attorney-Advocate Collaboration

October 10, 2023 | 10:15am-11:30am ET

Is there an increasing bias against hiring non-attorneys in the Title IX space, whether as staff or external consultants? What are the costs to educational institutions—not only financially, but in the loss of focus on institutional mission and values—when the “hiree” does not have the frame of a victim advocate? This workshop will engage attendees in a frank conversation about the tensions between non-lawyers—who often bring significant experience in working on sexual misconduct issues—and attorneys in higher education and the possibilities of learning from one another as we work to end this violence.

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Concurrent Session Two: Expanding Equity & Inclusion in the Title IX Process

October 10, 2023 | 1:00pm-2:15pm ET

The Proposed Regulations published by the Department of Education in June 2022 placed an intentional emphasis on resources for pregnant and parenting individuals. Many in higher education utilize their Disability Services providers to identify or implement academic accommodations, including expecting students. Using different case studies, this session will help attendees understand how best practices in universal design will support access to notifications, better understand the process used on their campuses, as well as how to work with your on-campus service providers to make sure you are complying with the myriad of regulations around Title IX & ADA/504, including supporting pregnant and parenting students, as well as those involved in a Sexual Misconduct case.

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Concurrent Session Two: Mentoring Emerging Title IX Professionals through ATIXA Mentor Match – A Panel Discussion

October 10, 2023 | 1:00pm-2:15pm ET

Have you heard of ATIXA’s Mentor Match program, but are not sure if you’re cut out to be a mentor? Do you want to learn more about the mentoring program in general? Join ATIXA’s concurrent session on ATIXA Mentor Match. Hear from a panel of mentors and mentees that have participated in the program, tips, and tricks for mentors and mentees to get the most out of the program. ATIXA Mentor Match is a members-only program, however, all attendees are welcome to join this session. Attendees can expect to learn how to find mentors in their own lives and how to be a mentor to colleagues.

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Concurrent Session Two: The Future of Title IX - There is Power in Empowering College Students on Campus

October 10, 2023 | 1:00pm-2:15pm ET

The majority of students on college campuses know little or nothing about Title IX. For this law to have true impact, students today need to have the knowledge and advocacy tools to realize the benefits of this landmark legislation. WomenX, in partnership with Demand IX, created a curriculum designed for women leaders on campus from a women’s lens to help Gen Z engage in activism rooted in knowledge of history, gender studies, and the law.

Through our intimate Fellowship work with undergraduate students, we encourage new generations of activists to ground their personal advocacy in education, specifically relating to Title IX’s mission of empowerment. Education coupled with passion can lead to sustainable progress and change, but we must learn from the past. Join us to hear directly from our Fellows on how they use their Title IX education from a woman’s lens to advocate for change on their campuses today.

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Concurrent Session Two: Community Connections - Partnering with Nonprofit and Community Organizations for Prevention Education and Programming

October 10, 2023 | 1:00pm-2:15pm ET

Prevention education is a critical component of effective Title IX compliance in higher education. Title IX coordinators and teams are key to educating students, faculty, and staff about their rights and responsibilities, but the diversity of our audiences and the many other demands placed on practitioners can tax our ability to serve all our constituencies. Partnering with nonprofit and community organizations can serve as an effective strategy for offering comprehensive and engaging prevention education and programming. This presentation explores how and why working with community organizations focused on domestic and sexual violence, human trafficking, and LGBTQ+ populations can strengthen your educational programs on campus and off.

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Concurrent Session Two: Fostering Well-Being in the Workplace - Self-Care as a Proactive Community Process

October 10, 2023 | 1:00pm-2:15pm ET

If we are not taking care of ourselves, it impacts those we serve and the field at large. Developing and retaining staff is essential. This session provides attention to the process of self-care and developing workplace culture and practices to support self-care among your Title IX team. Strategies for incorporating well-being into the workplace will be provided. Many across the field of education are finding their workplace understaffed and increasingly stressful. As the field continues to evolve, the profession needs us to stay well and continue working toward equity in education.

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Concurrent Session Two: Investigating Misconduct in Collegiate Athletics - Challenges and Best Practices

October 10, 2023 | 1:00pm-2:15pm ET

Misconduct allegations involving athletes and coaches often present unique obstacles and challenges that require investigations conducted with a nuanced understanding of how athletics teams and programs function. From widespread hazing accusations to complaints involving star athletes, to anonymous reports of inappropriate coaching techniques, it is often challenging to determine where to start, how to gather reliable information, and how to encourage witness participation while protecting all involved from retaliation. A matter that begins with one complainant and one respondent may quickly demonstrate the need for a larger climate investigation of an entire team or athletic department. Drawing on extensive experience conducting investigations and hearings, as well as Jenna’s experience as a Division I athlete, the presenters will share best practices to ensure your process moves efficiently for the sake of party well-being, community safety, and the best use of institutional resources, while maintaining a fair and thorough process that is compliant with the current Title IX regulations and your policies.

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Concurrent Session Two: Advancing Equity and Protecting Our Students: How Chicago Public School's Office of Student Protections and Title IX Handles Title VI

October 10, 2023 | 1:00pm-2:15pm ET

In September 2018, Chicago Public Schools (CPS) formed the nation’s first PreK-12 Title IX department, the Office of Student Protections and Title IX (OSP), to ensure the school district’s compliance with Title IX. Since then, OSP has expanded to protect against all bias-based harm including Title VI protections. Join us as CPS shares their model for protecting students in hopes that other districts will follow.

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Concurrent Session Two: Navigating the Title IX Coordinator Role & Best Practices - A System-Level and Small Institution Panel

October 10, 2023 | 1:00pm-2:15pm ET

Title IX Coordinators have a unique role and complex relationships at small colleges, frequently wearing many hats and administering Title IX with limited resources. In this session, we will explore the facets of Title IX on small campuses and discuss navigating the role and small campus politics. We will cover suggestions on managing relationships, broadening resources, and improving intakes. This presentation will also explore how providing system-level support and coordination can create efficiencies and lead to a culture of collaboration between the system-level office and the Title IX coordinator and staff at each of the colleges and between the colleges. The discussion will include general information regarding the interactions and roles in working between both the system and the colleges and the presentation of a case study on an investigation and hearing. Finally, they will discuss best practices and examples of how the system office and the local campuses can work together, and how smaller systems can do more with less by supporting each other to avoid burnout, share resources, leverage training opportunities, and provide consistent approaches to the Title IX process. The session will end with a case study providing participants with an opportunity to put their takeaways into practice.

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Concurrent Session Two: Building, Growing, and Sustaining a Title IX Team - Lessons from the Field

October 10, 2023 | 1:00pm-2:15pm ET

Hiring and retaining a cohesive and successful team can be challenging when Title IX proves to be full of uncertainty and shifting regulations. The presenters will share their experience building a team, creating a robust onboarding and mentoring program for new Title IX professionals, as well as sustaining the team through burnout and challenges. The presenters will discuss how they have used ATIXA tools, from listserv conversations to the 20 Minutes to Trained modules, to the whitepapers and sample documents, to train, onboard, and mentor new team members. Attendees will leave the presentation with practical tips, sample training plans, and fresh ideas for their own Title IX teams.

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Roundtable Session One

October 10, 2023 | 2:45pm-3:45pm ET

Choose from one of the roundtable sessions below:

  • Investigative Strategy and Best Practices
    • Facilitated by: Ryan Thompson & Joseph Vincent
  • Informal Resolution
    • Facilitated by: Belinda Guthrie & Mandy Hambleton
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging
    • Facilitated by: ATIXA’s DEIB Committee led by Eric E. Kidwell, Sharon Perry Fantini, & Elizabeth Trayner; Warren Anderson, Jen Ball, & Michelle Issadore
  • Title IX Jurisdictional Issues
    • Facilitated by: Kayleigh Baker & Claire Kaplan
  • Managing Policy Development & Review
    • Facilitated by: Emily C. Babb, Alicia Carter Harris, Nicole Rutherford, & Catherine Spear
  • Title IX in the K-12 Setting
    • Facilitated by: Kim Kennedy, Camie Pratt, & Lauren Starnes
  • Title IX and BIT Interactions
    • Facilitated by: Zakiya Brown & Saundra Schuster
  • Disability, Pregnancy, & Parenting Considerations
    • Facilitated by: Joni Baker & Mikiba Morehead
  • Partnering with External Investigators & Decision-Makers
    • Facilitated by: Leah Gutknecht & Daniel Swinton
  • Title IX and the Courts
    • Facilitated by: Dan Fotoples, Kimberly Pacelli, & Sheilah Vance
  • Self-Care and Burnout
    • Facilitated by: Erin Agidius, Georgina Dodge, & Amy Zavadil
  • Title IX & Athletics
    • Facilitated by: Scott Lewis & Peg Pennepacker
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Roundtable Session Two

October 10, 2023 | 4:00pm-5:00pm ET

Choose from one of the roundtable sessions below:

  • Investigative Strategy and Best Practices
    • Facilitated by: Ryan Thompson, J.D. & Joseph Vincent, M.L.S.
  • Informal Resolution
    • Facilitated by: Belinda Guthrie, M.A. & Mandy Hambleton, M.S.
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging
    • Facilitated by: ATIXA’s DEIB Committee led by Eric E. Kidwell, M.L.S., Sharon Perry Fantini, Ph.D. & Elizabeth Trayner Ed.D.; Warren Anderson, Ed.D., Jen Ball, Ph.D. & Michelle Issadore, M.Ed.
  • Title IX Jurisdictional Issues
    • Facilitated by: Kayleigh Baker, J.D. & Claire N. Kaplan, Ph.D.
  • Managing Policy Development & Review
    • Facilitated by: Emily C. Babb, J.D., Alicia Carter Harris, M.S., Nicole Rutherford, J.D., & Catherine Spear, J.D.
  • Title IX in the K-12 Setting
    • Facilitated by: Kim Kennedy, Camie Pratt, J.D., & Lauren Starnes, J.D.
  • Title IX and BIT Interactions
    • Facilitated by: Zakiya Brown, Ed.D. & Saundra Schuster, M.S., J.D.
  • Disability, Pregnancy, & Parenting Considerations
    • Facilitated by: Joni Baker, Ph.D. & Mikiba Morehead, M.A., Ed.D.
  • Partnering with External Investigators & Decision-Makers
    • Facilitated by: Leah Gutknecht M.B.A. & Daniel C. Swinton, J.D., Ed.D.
  • Title IX and the Courts
    • Facilitated by: Dan Fotoples, J.D., Kimberly Pacelli, M.Ed., J.D., & Sheilah Vance, J.D.
  • Self-Care and Burnout
    • Facilitated by: Erin Agidius, J.D., Georgina Dodge, Ph.D., & Amy Zavadil, Ph.D.
  • Title IX & Athletics
    • Facilitated by: Scott Lewis, J.D. & Peg Pennepacker, C.A.A.
  • Tracks:

Super & K-12 Professional Development Reception

October 10, 2023 | 5:15pm-6:30pm ET

We invite our Super Members & K-12 Professional Development Package holders to attend a special reception included as a membership benefit.

Not a Super Member or K-12 Professional Development Package holder? Join or Upgrade Now!

  • Tracks:

Featured Session B: A Wide-Ranging Discussion of the Use of Interim Services in the Title IX Space

October 11, 2023 | 8:30am-10:00am ET

During this session, we will discuss the top reasons you may seek interim professionals to serve in such roles as interim Title IX Coordinators, investigators, decision-makers, and more. The reasons could include transitions or vacancies in key positions, compliance with regulatory requirements, increased workload or caseload, specialized expertise or knowledge, and training or capacity building. ATIXA has a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals who can step in during critical times, ensuring seamless operations and upholding compliance standards.

  • Tracks:

Featured Session B: Autistic Sex Education

October 11, 2023 | 8:30am-10:00am ET

Many autistic students do not receive any sex education, and if they do, it is not necessarily relevant or accessible to them. Recent research exposes the need for autistic focused sex education, but no such curriculum for this population exists yet. This presentation will include an overview of autism and how it might present in a school or sex ed setting, information on why autistic focused sex education is necessary, suggested topics for autistic sex education, and how to discuss and teach sex education to autistic students. There will be tips, tricks, strategies, and best practices for navigating autistic sex education, as well as information on how to get buy-in from necessary stakeholders such as administrators and parents.

  • Tracks:

Featured Session B: Transforming Title IX - Student Activism for Safer Schools

October 11, 2023 | 8:30am-10:00am ET

Title IX is a federal civil rights law created with the intent to provide protections for students, free from discrimination and harm, while receiving an education. Since its inception in 1972, Title IX has undergone a number of iterations and changes—some beneficial, others far from it. In response to these inadequate policies, students have come together to advocate for necessary changes over the past half century, shaping Title IX into what we know it as today.

However, there is still much work left to be done— as a result, in a time when students shouldn’t have to worry about their rights, the reality is that students are taking matters into their own hands. They are demanding their schools and governments employ policies that truly protect students. To the untrained eye, these demonstrations, campaigns, and calls to action might seem like a nuisance that disrupts their schools. But what educators often fail to realize is the importance and necessity of these student activists. Student activism is a source of great power, as well as a reflection of what students desire to see their schools and campuses provide.

In this panel presentation, we will be providing context on the power and history of student activism; recent demands/movements from students regarding Title IX; why students organize; and how educators can empower, listen to, and work with student activists to build safer schools. By understanding the role of student activism, we can understand just how Title IX can and should be transformed: into a set of laws that genuinely serve and protect students.

  • Tracks:

Featured Session B: Prevention Through Physical Space, Policies, and Programing Initiatives

October 11, 2023 | 8:30am-10:00am ET

Whether as Title IX administrators, prevention and advocacy staff, or student affairs professionals, we know that Title IX requires us to establish clear and consistent policies, follow our protocols, and address prevention. But how can we think beyond the compliance floor to imagine the possibilities for educational equity? How do we create or design campus spaces for prevention when the laws and policies created to protect student populations are under attack and becoming obsolete? What is the relationship between K-12 and higher ed Title IX practice? Join three practitioners from three very different areas of Title IX practice for a panel discussion and Q&A tackling these big questions and more.

  • Tracks:

Featured Session C: What Do a Million College Students Tell Us About Sexual Violence? New Insights to Inspire Our Prevention Efforts

October 11, 2023 | 10:15am-11:45am ET

Drawing from survey data from courses delivered to over a million college students during the 2022-2023 academic school year, this session will share new insights about student perceptions—and misperceptions, beliefs, behaviors, and experiences when it comes to preventing and responding to sexual and gender-based violence. By integrating data insights from courses that address mental well-being, diversity and inclusion, and alcohol use, this session will provide participants with actionable new insights as well as research-informed ideas for using the data to strengthen institutional practices and policies. Participants can also expect novel insights about student sub-populations, such as students of color and LGBTQ+ students, that will help practitioners create effective interventions for specific as well as general populations.

  • Tracks:

Featured Session C: Unmasking - Toward Authentic Masculinity

October 11, 2023 | 10:15am-11:45am ET

Title IX policies and processes often focus on holding men accountable for the harm they have caused. Prevention approaches to stop harm from happening in the first place require an understanding of the roots of that harm in men’s socialization as men. Men’s contradictory experiences of power in patriarchy and intersecting systems of oppression contribute to men’s hurting—hurting others and being hurt. Based on more than fifteen years of research, in his new book Unmasking: Toward Authentic Masculinity, Keith E. Edwards, PhD, illuminates men’s masking, unmasking, and becoming to help men develop their own authentic masculinity. This interactive session will explore some of the central findings from Unmasking and discuss strategies to help us all better engage the men in our lives with empathy, reach them with compassion, effectively hold them accountable, and help them to become the men they aspire to be.


  • Tracks:

Featured Session C: IDEA Meets Title IX - Applying a Manifestation Determination in Sanctioning Decisions

October 11, 2023 | 10:15am-11:45am ET

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) is a federal law that ensures schools support the needs of students with disabilities (from birth through high school graduation) by imposing very specific requirements to ensure eligible students receive a “Free and Adequate Public Education” (FAPE).

IDEA applies a “manifestation determination” to circumstances in which there is a nexus between a student’s disability and an act of misconduct that results in proposing a change to a student’s placement by imposing a disciplinary removal.  Although there may be other conduct issues that result in disciplinary removal, cases involving sex-based conduct commonly create circumstances where removal from a class or a district is considered.  In these cases, the school must also apply a manifestation determination to assess if the individual’s disability was the basis for the alleged conduct.

This session will present a case study, and the presenters will discuss the application of a disciplinary sanction and a manifestation determination to demonstrate the process required by Title IX and the IDEA and the challenges and suggested solutions when applying these two laws.

  • Tracks:

Featured Session C: Interviewing a Child with Disabilities

October 11, 2023 | 10:15am-11:45am ET

Professionals charged with interviewing children for alleged abuse are likely to encounter children with developmental disabilities or other special needs. In this presentation, rates of victimization of children with special needs are provided, factors that increase risk of abuse for children with disabilities are discussed, children’s abilities to recount information are described, and strategies for the interview process are covered. Topics related to the interview include the importance of data-gathering before the interview, techniques to accommodate for particular disabilities during the interview, and suggestions to continue to address the child’s needs after the interview is complete.

Session learning objectives include:

  1. Education on strategies for the interview process when interviewing children with disabilities or other special needs.
  2. Discussion of the rates of victimization, factors that increase risk of abuse, and children’s abilities to describe information.
  3. Learning of techniques to accommodate for particular disabilities during the interview and suggestions for child’s needs after the interview.

  • Tracks:

Plenary Session: The State of the Field of Title IX

October 11, 2023 | 1:30pm-2:30pm ET

Join ATIXA experts discussing the state of the field during this hour-long panel presentation. The 2023 Regulations will influence the discussions during this time, inclusive of attendee Q&A time.

  • Tracks:

Closing Keynote: Debating Trans Inclusion in Athletics

October 11, 2023 | 2:30pm-4:00pm ET

ATIXA has assembled a moderated panel to offer our attendees a 360-degree perspective on the participation of trans, transitioning, non-binary, and intersex students in competitive athletics, both in K-12 and higher education. Our panelists will offer civil arguments for inclusion, exclusion, and other alternatives, so that our attendees can evaluate this contentious topic, and make policy decisions for their schools and campuses, accordingly. Our panel will address whether certain athletes may have competitive advantages, pose a safety risk, or otherwise could harm, hinder, or aid fairness in sport. Panelist Donna de Varona is a U.S. Olympic Hall of famer, former sports journalist, expert on U.S. and international sport, president and founder of EY Women Athletes Business Network, and a current member of the Board of Directors of the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee and the IOC Athletes Entourage Commission. Panelist Mack Karam Beggs is a student athlete, trans activist, and public figure. Each panelist will make opening remarks supporting their position, and then be given a chance to informally refute positions of each other. Then, the panelists will answer questions from the moderators, Sharon Perry Fantini and Brett Sokolow. There may be no right answers to this challenging question, but enlivening the debate is part of ATIXA’s purpose, and we think that hearing from all sides gives us a better-rounded opportunity to advise our institutions and set a course for future policy.

  • Tracks:

Title IX Coordinator Foundations for K-12 Education

October 12, 2023 | 8:30am-4:30pm ET

ATIXA’s Title IX Coordinator Foundations for K-12 Education is designed to give K-12 Title IX Coordinators and administrators the comprehensive foundational training needed to understand the scope of their role and multi-faceted responsibilities under Title IX.

This course focuses on the Title IX Coordinator’s specific responsibilities at each phase of the Formal Grievance Process, from intake to appeal. ATIXA’s expert faculty members lead a discussion on how to structure and train your Title IX team, including the various roles and responsibilities for investigations, decision-making, informal resolution, and appeals.

Click here to view more information.

  • Tracks:

Supporting Pregnancy, Parenting, & Related Conditions Workshop

October 12, 2023 | 8:30am-12:30pm ET

Participants will define pregnancy and related conditions, including non-medical childcare needs, lactation, fertility treatments/IVF, adoption, abortion, and miscarriage.

The workshop will cover reasonable accommodations versus appropriate adjustments, how to support pregnant student-athletes and non-birthing parents, and case studies designed to enhance participants’ knowledge and confidence.

Click here to view more information.

  • Tracks:

Clery Act and Title IX Intersections

October 12, 2023 | 8:30am-4:30pm ET

In collaboration with The Clery Center, participants will:

  • Understand the foundational concepts of the Clery Act
  • Identify and internalize intersections between the Clery Act and Title IX requirements for response to and disciplinary procedures for dating violence, domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking
  • Apply the understanding of federal requirements to the development of institutional policy and annual security report policy statements

The Clery Act and Title IX have distinct influence over campus safety policies and procedures, particularly for instances of dating violence, domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking (DVSAS). However, it can be difficult to recognize how these two laws work together in this specific area when many do not have a foundational understanding of the Clery Act itself. Campuses often struggle to create policies that are clear and succinct for students and employees to interpret while still comprehensive and addressing all federal and state requirements. As a result, campus community members might feel confused or lost as to how to proceed when they or someone they know is a victim of one of these crimes.

This post-conference course provides a foundational overview of the basic requirements of the Clery Act, including some time spent understanding the relationship between Clery-required policy statements and the underlying policies that must exist to support them, and then explores the intersections of the Clery Act with Title IX for DVSAS. We will provide a high-level overview of current Title IX regulations and review Clery Act requirements for response and disciplinary procedures for student and employee cases of DVSAS.  We will instruct and skill-build around the creation of policies and procedures that fully capture the requirements of both laws as well as developing policy statements in annual security reports that accurately and fully summarize all policies and procedures that address DVSAS. Attend this training if you are a campus administrator directly or adjacently involved in the creation or implementation of policy(ies) addressing dating and domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking.

We will use the statutes and regulations of the Clery Act and Title IX themselves as well as the most current regulations and guidance to inform the content of our presentation. We will also draw themes from program reviews conducted by the Department of Education, our own anecdotal analysis as trainers and national subject matter experts working with and for campus safety administrators across the country, and the lived experiences of Clery Center member institutions and training attendees in general to inform our best practice recommendations.

To learn more about The Clery Center, click here. Please note ATIXA Members cannot utilize their membership inclusion codes on this course, but can use the multi-registration discount provided for this event.


Gender Equity Foundations for Higher Education

October 12-13, 2023 | 8:30am-4:30pm ET both days

This course focuses on sex discrimination compliance responsibilities. It covers the assessment of overall program equity and provides introductions to athletics equity, pregnancy and related conditions requirements, and LGBTQIA+ protections.

ATIXA’s expert faculty members will guide participants through ATIXA’s model formal grievance process from a sex/gender discrimination complaint perspective. Discussions will also cover how institutions can center resolutions that involve disparate treatment and impact, including targeted culture/climate assessments and investigations. Lastly, the course will address what institutions can expect when the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR) reviews their program equity compliance and how to develop a plan to complete gender equity audits regularly.

Click here to view more information.

  • Tracks:

Investigation Skills & Report Writing for Higher Education

October 12-13, 2023 | 8:30am-4:30pm ET both days

Investigation Skills and Report Writing for Higher Education focuses on improving interviewing techniques and post-interview tasks such as credibility assessment, information synthesis, and clear report writing.

Participants will review a sample investigation report to guide their understanding of report writing mechanics, format, and structure. Additionally, registrants will engage in various interactive learning activities to practice their skills and receive feedback from ATIXA’s experts.

Click here to view more information.

  • Tracks:

DEI Practitioner: Foundations

October 12-13, 2023 | 8:30am-4:30pm ET both days

This is a two-day course focused on developing an awareness of the civil rights laws, regulations, and policies related to diversity, equity, and inclusion in education and employment settings. The course will review the historical context of non-discrimination laws and practices that inform current policies and practices. Participants will examine best practices for applying policy and procedural knowledge in response to incidents of bias and microaggressions, as well as navigating free speech issues. Faculty will lead participants through a variety of individual and group activities designed to emulate scenarios they may encounter in their professional roles.

Click here to view more information.

  • Tracks:

Title IX Investigator Foundations for K-12 Education

October 13, 2023 | 8:30am-4:30pm ET

This course focuses on the investigator’s specific responsibilities at each distinct phase of an investigation. Participants will learn the fundamental skills necessary to plan and promptly complete investigations of sex- and gender-based misconduct in schools. ATIXA experts will lead participants through a comprehensive review of the investigation process, providing step-by-step guidance and advice, using a case study to provide an opportunity to practice each phase.

Click here to view more information.

  • Tracks:

ADA/Section 504 Foundations for Higher Education

October 13, 2023 | 8:30am-4:30pm ET

This course is designed to equip Title IX Coordinators and disability/access administrators with a thorough understanding of the disability laws that regulate an institution’s efforts to offer reasonable accommodations in postsecondary academic environments.

Participants will gain knowledge about the legal frameworks that apply to institutional recipients of federal funding, principles for determining reasonable accommodations, strategies for implementing the process in higher education, the grievance process, best practices in organizational structure, and how the accommodation process can support individuals during pregnancy and related conditions.

Click here to view more information.

  • Tracks:

Event Speakers

Erin Agidius, J.D.

Consultant, TNG

Warren Anderson, Ed.D.

Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Bradley University; Advisory Board Member, ATIXA

Emily C. Babb, J.D.

Associate Vice President for Civil Rights and Title IX Compliance/Title IX Coordinator, Northwestern University; Advisory Board Member, ATIXA

Joni Baker, Ph.D.

Title IX Coordinator, Texas A&M University-San Antonio; Advisory Board Member, ATIXA

Kayleigh Baker, J.D.

Consultant, TNG; Advisory Board Member, ATIXA

Jen Ball, Ph.D.

Chief Inclusion Officer, Title VI, IX, ADA/504 Coordinator, Title IX Coordinator, and Professor of History, Clarkson University; Advisory Board Member, ATIXA

Amelia Barbadoro, J.D., Ph.D.

Consultant, TNG

Meg Bossong, M.S.

Director of Intimate Violence Prevention and Response and Health Education, Williams College

Abigail Boyer

Associate Executive Director, The Clery Center

Zoey Brewer

Policy Organizer, Know Your IX

Zakiya Brown, Ed.D.

Independent Consultant at Pivotal Growth Consulting, LLC; Advisory Board Member, ATIXA

Angela Catena, Ph.D., L.M.H.C., N.C.C.

Title IX Coordinator, University of New Mexico

Alisha Carter Harris, M.S.

Senior Consultant, TNG

Caitie Dahl

Forensic Interview Specialist and Trainer, Zero Abuse Project

Donna de Varona

Recipient of 5 honorary doctorates; Two-Time Olympic Swimming Gold Medalist; Emmy Award-Winning Journalist; First President and Chairman, Women's Sports Foundation

Cecilia Dockery

Assistant Director of Programs, The Clery Center

Georgina Dodge, Ph.D.

Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion, University of Maryland, Advisory Board Member, ATIXA

Keith E. Edwards, Ph.D.

Speaker, Consultant, & Coach, Dr. Keith E. Edwards, LLC

Kristen Entringer

Deputy Title IX Coordinator and Senior Civil Rights Investigator, California State University, Fullerton

Ana Paula Fantini, Ph.D.

Associate Teaching Professor, Iowa State University

Dan Fotoples, J.D., M.A.

Director, Content Development, TNG

Jen Fry, Ph.D.

Owner, JenFryTalks

Belinda Guthrie, M.A.

Assistant Vice President for Institutional Equity, Vassar College; Advisory Board Member, ATIXA

Leah Gutkneckt, M.B.A.

Assistant to the President for Compliance and Equity Management & Title IX Officer, University of Northern Iowa; Advisory Board Member, ATIXA

Mandy Hambleton, M.S.

Senior Director of Content Development, TNG; Vice President, ATIXA

Jessica Heiser, Esq.

Founder & Lead Project Attorney, Imprint Legal Group

Michelle Issadore, M.Ed.

Chief Operating Officer, TNG

Dylan Kapit (they/them), M.A.

Program Coordinator for LGBTQ+ Outreach, Barnard College of Columbia University

Claire N. Kaplan, Ph.D., M.P.W.

Independent Consultant & Educator; Advisory Board Member, ATIXA

Mack Karam Beggs

Student-Athlete, Trans Activist, Public Figure

Kim Kennedy

Paralegal/Title IX Coordinator, Indianapolis Public Schools; Advisory Board Member/K-12 Steering Committee Member, ATIXA

Eric A. Kidwell, M.L.S.

Professor/Director of the Library, Title IX Coordinator, Huntingdon College; Advisory Board Member, ATIXA

Amy Kittle, M.S., M.L.S.

Title IX Coordinator, Davis and Elkins College and West Virginia Wesleyan College

Tanaya Kollipara

Student Engagement Organizer, Know Your IX

W. Scott Lewis, J.D.

Managing Partner, TNG; Advisory Board Member, ATIXA

Alexis Martinez, Ed.D., J.D.

Equity & Compliance Programs Executive Director, Georgia Institute of Technology; Interim Title IX Coordinator

Dr. Laura McGuire, Ed.D.

CEO of The National Center for Equity and Agency

Mikiba Morehead, M.A., Ed.D.

Consultant, TNG

Nhakia Outland M.S.W., SIFI

Founder of Prevention Meets Fashion Inc.

Kimberly Pacelli, M.Ed., J.D.

Partner, TNG; Advisory Board Member, ATIXA

Peg Pennepacker, C.A.A.

Founder/Consultant, High School Title IX Consulting Services; Advisory Board Member, ATIXA

Jan Perry Evenstad, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus, Metropolitan State University; Advisory Board Member, ATIXA

Sharon Perry Fantini, Ph.D.

Vice President for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, Iowa State University; Advisory Board Member, ATIXA

Camie Pratt, J.D.

Chief Title IX Officer, Chicago Public Schools; Advisory Board Member, ATIXA

Holly Rider

Vice President of Education Strategy, Vector Solutions

Nicole Rutherford, J.D.

Title IX Coordinator & District Director, Office of Civil Rights Compliance, Miami-Dade County Public Schools; Advisory Board Member, ATIXA

Kelly A. Schimpf, M.B.A.

Title IX Coordinator, Dean of Enrollment Management & Student Services, Salem Community College (NJ)

Saundra K. Schuster, M.A., J.D.

Partner, TNG; Advisory Board Member, ATIXA

Jay Sensi

CEO, Campus Kaizen

Cari Simon, Esq.

Title IX Attorney, Fierberg National Law Group

Brett A. Sokolow, J.D.

Chair of the Board of Directors, TNG; Management Committee, TNG; Advisory Board Chair, ATIXA

Catherine Spear, J.D.

Vice President for Equity, Equal Opportunity, and Title IX, University of Southern California; Advisory Board Member, ATIXA

Randi Spiker, M.S.

Power, Women and Relationships Lab, Florida International University, Miami, Florida

Lauren Starnes, J.D.

Consultant, TNG

Daniel C. Swinton, J.D., Ed. D.

Partner, TNG; President, ATIXA

Brian Thompson, M.S.W., L.C.S.

Director of Student Protections, Chicago Public Schools

Ryan Thompson, J.D.

Owner, Attorney Thompson Esquire, PLLC; Advisory Board Member, ATIXA

Elizabeth Trayner, Ed.D.

Assistant Vice President, Institutional Equity/Title IX Coordinator/504 Coordinator, Seattle University; Advisory Board Member, ATIXA

Kim Turner, J.D.


Sheilah D. Vance, Esq.

Compliance Officer/Title IX Coordinator, University of the District of Columbia & ATIXA Advisory Board Member

Joseph Vincent, M.L.S.

Partner, TNG; Advisory Board Member, ATIXA

Jennifer Wilson, Ed.D.

Office of Disability Services Director, Nova Southeastern University

Amy Zavadil, Ph.D.

Consultant; Advisory Board Member, ATIXA

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The ATIXA Conference and training courses will be held at the Loews Philadelphia Hotel at 1200 Market St, Philadelphia, PA, 19107.

The room block is currently closed. You are welcome to call the hotel at 215-627-1200 to reserve a room at their regular rate. Additionally, you can stay at another property local to the Loews Philadelphia Hotel such as:

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Applicants who register for courses prior to notification will be disqualified.

Call for Proposals

All call for proposals applications for concurrent session speakers are now closed. Thank you to all who applied!

With the help of a variety of expert presenters, we are excited to create an engaging platform for interactive dialogue and knowledge exchange.

Sponsors & Exhibitors

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Exhibitors & Sponsors

ATIXA welcomes Maxient as a Gold Level Sponsor, On-Site Exhibitor, and Featured Session Sponsor.

Maxient is a Charlottesville, VA based company whose sole focus is case management software.  Founded and staffed by former practitioners, their Case Manager software is the solution of choice at more than 1,000 colleges and universities across the United States and abroad.  Case Manager is used to maintain records for traditional student conduct, academic integrity, students of concern, behavioral intervention, Title IX, etc.  Retaining ~98% of its clients over 20 years in business, Maxient offers its entire software without modules, meaning all functions to assist with various case types is included.  Clients pay a single annual fee to have unlimited use for their campus.  Rapid response to phone and email help requests, 24/7 emergency support, and utilizing client feedback to inform product development are just a few of the ways Maxient sets itself apart.


ATIXA welcomes Catharsis as a Silver Level Sponsor.

Looking for innovative online Title IX training for your students and employees?

Catharsis delivers TRULY ENGAGING and INTERACTIVE interpersonal violence prevention content that responds to each learner’s input in a conversational way. So, each learner’s online experience is unique. That is why our programs are overwhelmingly preferred by students and faculty/staff when asked to compare them to others.

But our clients love more than just our content. We also provide easily accessible PERSONALIZED CLIENT SERVICE. We understand if you are skeptical, but we have plenty of clients that will tell you we continually overdeliver.

For twenty-three years, Catharsis has provided award-winning sexual violence prevention training to higher education, the military, and corporations.  We create and deliver innovative, dynamic, and research-supported programming that challenges oppressive attitudes and aims to transform behavior.  Our portfolio of programs provides institutions multiple programs and modalities of delivery (theatrical presentations, lectures, workshops, online trainings) each aimed at meeting our audiences “where they are” (cognitively, culturally, and emotionally) before providing them with pro-consent and pro-bystander messaging and tools.

Visit us at our website at  Contact David Stobie at or (314) 495-7241 for more information.


ATIXA welcomes Cohen Seglias as a Silver Level Sponsor.

At Cohen Seglias, strong foundations are built on integrity, decency, and hard work — qualities we bring to every deal we close, every dispute we resolve, every case we try, and every interaction we have with clients, colleagues, co-counsel, and opposing counsel. More than 30 years ago, we laid a foundation of legal excellence. By being responsive and conscientious business partners, our footprint and capabilities have grown alongside our clients’ needs—becoming extensions of their teams. The firm and our attorneys are consistently recognized as top leaders in legal rankings such as Chambers USA, Legal 500, Law 360, and Best Lawyers.

Cohen Seglias’ Title IX Group, led by Ashling Ehrhardt, assists schools, colleges, and universities with thorough, prompt, and impartial Title IX and student conduct investigations. Our Group combines real-world law enforcement experience with a working knowledge of the specific needs of educational institutions to develop practical, efficient, and cost-effective solutions. At Cohen Seglias, we know that every institution, allegation, and investigation is unique and yet all must navigate the sensitive nature of Title IX and student conduct investigations. Our attorneys understand the need to balance compassion towards the victim with respect for the due process rights of the accused. Learn more at


ATIXA welcomes Vector Solutions as an On-Site Exhibitor.

Vector Solutions is the leading provider of online, high-impact training for faculty, staff, and students. Serving over 2,000 institutions nationwide and 10 million learners, we’re dedicated to helping you build even safer, healthier, and more inclusive communities through effective and innovative programming. Visit to request more information.


ATIXA welcomes Dan Schorr, LLC as an On-Site Exhibitor.

Dan Schorr, LLC’s experts leverage decades of experience investigating and resolving allegations of sexual misconduct and discrimination at educational institutions, corporations, government entities, and other organizations. We assist schools and other entities confronting a broad range of misconduct allegations by conducting independent and fair investigations, serving as Title IX hearing officers and decision makers, acting as advisors to parties throughout the Title IX process, and leading trainings and policy/program reviews for all aspects of Title IX and Civil Rights compliance. Dan Schorr’s debut novel, Final Table, is available wherever books are sold, including in e-book and audiobook formats.


ATIXA welcomes Leda Health as an On-Site Exhibitor.

To better help survivors, their loved ones, and the communities in which they live, this will mean changing the landscape of sexual assault prevention, care and healing. We want to work with hospitals, organizations, legislators, and universities to empower survivors with additional resources.

We view sexual health through a survivor-focused lens. We have developed resources such as self-administered DNA collection, and sexual health testing in order to meet the needs of sexual assault survivors. Visit for more information.

ATIXA welcomes the Clery Center as an On-Site Exhibitor.

Clery Center was the first nonprofit organization dedicated to the prevention of criminal violence at colleges and universities nationwide and continues to be the national leader today. With over 35 years of experience, Clery Center empowers institutions to create safer campuses via in-depth training, resources, and strategies to understand and implement the Clery Act. Visit their website here –

ATIXA welcomes WomenX as an On-Site Exhibitor.

WomenX is a hybrid learning community that is expertly curated by women for women preparing them for gainful careers in influential roles in high impact industries. We connect women with trusted experts and information curated from the women’s lens to foster deep connection, critical thinking, and the inclusion of intersectional perspectives. We infuse social learning in all of our offerings (Fellowships, college courses, masterclasses, and more).  Visit their website here – or reach out to Mary Ciampa at


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ATIXA will provide a continental breakfast each morning, a mid-morning coffee and tea break, and an afternoon snack each day. Lunch and dinner each evening will be up to you.

A dining guide is coming soon!

Yes, discounts are available. Registering for multiple courses or multiple participants is a great way to save.

Individualized discounts are as follows:
1st grouped individual – full price of registration
2-4 grouped individuals – 15% discount on registrations
5+ grouped individuals – 25% discount on registrations

Please create your order, click the “Pay Later” option upon checkout, and reach out to for discounts to be applied.

ATIXA understands that circumstances change, and issues may arise that prohibit you from attending this event after registering. Our cancellation and refund policy is outlined below:

  • If registration cancellation is more than 6 weeks prior to the registration deadline, you will receive a 50% refund on the full registration price issued via a check within 30 days of ATIXA receiving your notification.
  • If registration cancellation is less than 6 weeks prior to the registration deadline, no refunds can be given on the full registration price.
  • If you prefer a credit instead of a refund, you will receive 100% of the purchase price via credit for future ATIXA trainings.

All credits will expire within one year from the date credit is given. Please refer to ATIXA’s event policies for more information.

No, your conference registration only allows you to attend non-certifying conference sessions that begin on Tuesday, October 9, 2023, at 3:30 pm through Thursday, October 11, 2023, ending at 4:00 pm. You must purchase each course separately.

Your conference attendance will give you 17 continuing certification credits which will renew any current ATIXA 2-year certification. Click here to learn more about CCCs.

ATIXA has created downloadable Supervisor Justification Letters to customize and send to your supervisor to attend the conference and/or training courses!

Download the Conference Justification Letter Now!

Download the Training Justification Letter Now!

Upon purchase completion, you will receive a registration confirmation email. You can access the ATIXA Event Lobby at that time by logging in with your email address (no password is required).

If you enter your email address and the event lobby does not allow you access, or you gain access to the lobby but it does not show the 2023 Annual ATIXA Conference or courses you registered for as one of your events, then you are not registered correctly.

Please contact ATIXA at so that we can provide assistance, or use the chat feature in the lower right-hand corner of this site.

Pre- & Post-Conference Training Courses and Workshops:

Member-Discounted Rate:

Workshop – $399
Half-Day Higher Ed. Certification Training – $425
One-Day Higher Ed. Certification Training – $845
One-Day K-12 Certification Training – $399
Two-Day Higher Ed. Certification Training – $1,690

Non-Member Rate:

Workshop – $499
Half-Day Higher Ed. Certification Training – $525
One-Day Higher Ed. Certification Training – $945
One-Day K-12 Certification Training – $499
Two-Day Higher Ed. Certification Training – $1,790

There are no early bird discounts available for our certification courses and workshops. Multi-course discounts are available. Please contact before purchasing to inquire.



  • Early bird registration on or before Aug. 25 | $599
  • After Aug. 25 | $699


  • Early bird registration on or before Aug. 25 | $499
  • After Aug. 25 | $599

ATIXA members receive member pricing on all ATIXA events, trainings, and products. Individual and institutional-level memberships are available. Learn more about ATIXA membership.

ATIXA Annual Conference scholarships closed on August 25th.

Please note that your application only covers conference registration or training certification course registration. Flights, meals, hotel accommodations, and transportation are not included.

Yes, in-person and virtual conference sponsorship opportunities are available. School districts, institutions, businesses, and organizations are welcome to apply.

If you want to participate as a sponsor or exhibitor, please apply here. Sponsorship applications closed on August 25, 2023. Applicants will be notified via email by September 4, 2023.

For a complete list of sponsorship opportunities available with ATIXA, please contact

For this year’s annual conference, we are offering five conference tracks: ADA/504, Advocacy/Prevention, Investigations, K-12, and Coordinator. As a conference attendee, these tracks allow you to customize your participation experience. For example:

  • Move seamlessly between sessions across the five tracks, receiving content in all content areas.
  • Choose only to attend sessions aligned with a singular track, receiving targeted content for your area of interest.

Conference attendees will receive 17 continuing certification credits (CCCs) that will renew any current 2-year ATIXA certification.

Those attending a pre or post-training course will receive a 2-year certification or 12 CCCs to renew a current certification. Those attending workshops will NOT receive a certification. Workshop attendees receive 4 recertifying CCCs.

Click here to learn more about CCCs.

There are no virtual attendance options at this time. Click here for all upcoming virtual events.

The Loews Philadelphia Hotel is situated in the heart of Center City. You may enter the parking garage from 12th Street or have a valet park your car by pulling up to the hotel entrance on Market Street. Registered Loews guests will receive 10% off parking garage rates.

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