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August 26-29, 2024
2020 Regulations Refocus Week for K-12 Education

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    August 26-29, 2024
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Join ATIXA’s virtual 2020 Regulations Refocus Week for K-12 Education, dedicated to compliance training tailored to the 2020 Regulations. This focus week features dynamic certification courses led by expert faculty members, designed for new practitioners, those in states with injunctions on the 2024 Regulations, or anyone needing a refresher on managing incidents predating August 1, 2024 (governed by the 2020 Regulations). View ATIXA’s 2024 Title IX Regulations Injunction Tracker to track developments in your state and nationwide.

Participants will gain foundational knowledge of roles and responsibilities while exploring complex topics such as informal resolution processes, athletics compliance, coordination, investigations, and decision-making in K-12 settings. Enhance your expertise from any location this summer with our engaging virtual courses. Don’t miss the opportunity to certify yourself and be prepared for all regulatory frameworks.

  • Title IX Compliance Essentials for K-12 Education (2020 Regulations)
  • Title IX Coordinator Foundations for K-12 Education (2020 Regulations)
  • Title IX Investigator Foundations for K-12 Education (2020 Regulations)
  • Title IX Decision-Making for K-12 Education (2020 Regulations)

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Title IX Compliance Essentials for K-12 Education (2020 Regulations)

Monday, August 26, 2024 | 11:00am-6:00pm ET

Title IX Compliance Essentials for K-12 Education is designed to provide K-12 Title IX professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively address sex- and gender-based harassment and discrimination within their school or district’s education program and activities. Learn the key elements of Title IX compliance required of all K-12 schools that receive federal funding.

Give your school or district a critical understanding of Title IX compliance by attending our training course. Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your knowledge and skillset while ensuring a safe and equitable educational environment for all students.

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Title IX Coordinator Foundations for K-12 Education (2020 Regulations)

Tuesday, August 27, 2024 | 11:00am-6:00pm ET

ATIXA’s Title IX Coordinator Foundations for K-12 Education is designed to give K-12 Title IX Coordinators and administrators the comprehensive foundational training needed to understand the scope of their role and multi-faceted responsibilities under Title IX.

This course focuses on the Title IX Coordinator’s specific responsibilities at each phase of the Formal Grievance Process, from intake to appeal. ATIXA’s expert faculty members lead a discussion on how to structure and train your Title IX team, including the various roles and responsibilities for investigations, decision-making, informal resolution, and appeals.

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Title IX Investigator Foundations for K-12 Education (2020 Regulations)

Thursday, August 27, 2024 | 11:00am-6:00pm ET

ATIXA’s Investigator Foundations for K-12 Education is designed to give K-12 investigators the complete foundational training needed to understand the investigation process under Title IX, which can also be applied to complaints under other civil rights laws.

This course focuses on the investigator’s specific responsibilities at each distinct phase of an investigation. Participants will learn the fundamental skills necessary to plan and promptly complete investigations of sex- and gender-based misconduct in schools. ATIXA experts will lead participants through a comprehensive review of the investigation process, providing step-by-step guidance and advice, using a case study to provide an opportunity to practice each phase.

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Title IX Decision-Making for K-12 Education Certification (2020 Regulations)

Thursday, August 27, 2024 | 11:00am-6:00pm ET

Using a case study fact pattern only offered in this ATIXA training, this course helps K-12 practitioners serving in decision-making roles to understand the scope of their position, apply policies with analytical precision, and check biases to ensure that determinations in Title IX complaints are reliably based on evidence, and will stand up to appeal and review by the courts.

ATIXA’s expert faculty members teach decision-making skills that are sound, supportable, and more difficult to challenge in court by closely tracking policy, correctly applying the standard of proof, following fair procedures, producing cogent rationales, and perceptively assessing credibility.

This course is particularly beneficial for investigators also serving as decision-makers, single or panel decision-makers, appeal decision-makers, and administrators who oversee them. Additionally, this course supports individuals acting as decision-makers in expulsion hearings.

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The 2024 Regulations bring significant changes, granting Recipients more discretion in structuring their Title IX complaint resolution process. The scope of sex discrimination is further clarified, and Recipient jurisdiction is expanded to cover behaviors within the Recipient’s disciplinary authority, as well as the downstream effects of out-of-program conduct. The 2024 Regulations also place greater emphasis on training all employees on Title IX obligations, including reporting and information-sharing responsibilities. Additionally, they introduce specific requirements for supporting individuals who are pregnant or experiencing related conditions.

Understanding the 2020 regulatory compliance requirements is crucial for all Title IX practitioners. Due to the non-retroactive nature of the 2024 Regulations, ATIXA will continue to offer training and resources specific to the 2020 Regulations. You can access 2020-compliant trainings, 2024-compliant trainings, or both, as needed. ATIXA is committed to supporting you through these evolving times, regardless of which regulatory framework (2020 or 2024) applies. We especially encourage those new to the Title IX field or transitioning roles, especially in states with injunctions against enforcement of the 2024 Regulations, to enroll in a 2020 course now. A refresher is highly recommended if it’s been over a year since your last ATIXA training. Additionally, frequent turnover in the field often leads to gaps in staffing the Title IX Coordinator role. If your institution’s Coordinator role has had a recent lapse in coverage, sending a team member to a 2020 Regulations course will ensure compliance with the appropriate framework for incidents occurring within the 2020-2024 timeframe.

Practitioners in states that are not anticipating an injunction against the 2024 Regulations and those who want to prepare for potential implementation of the 2024 Regulations. Many of ATIXA’s trainings are applicable to both the 2020 and 2024 Regulations.

The 2020 Regulations cover any incidents of Sexual Harassment (as defined by Section 106.30) occurring before August 1, 2024. Incidents of Sex Discrimination that are not Sexual Harassment may be resolved by either the process in place for Sex Discrimination allegations at the time of the incident or at the time of the complaint.

Incidents of Sex Discrimination, including Sex-Based Harassment and Retaliation, occurring on or after August 1, 2024.

For those in states affected by the injunctions, it’s important to note that any plans to move away from live hearings or to a model where your Investigator or Coordinator is also your Decision-maker may be disrupted. This change may not happen in the short term or at all.

Please consult your legal counsel. ATIXA’s position is that Title IX has long protected sexual orientation and gender identity to the extent that such forms of discrimination typically rely on sex stereotypes or characteristics. In that sense, the 2024 Regulations were not so much an expansion of Title IX as a clarification of its scope. However, this interpretation may continue to conflict with some state laws, so you must engage your attorneys regarding the implications, risks, and go-forward plans. Complying with state law could still get you sued under Title IX whether or not the 2024 Regulations go into effect. If you cannot prepare to comply with the 2024 Regulations in advance, you still may benefit from having a plan for implementing training, policies, and procedures as quickly as possible if you need to do so. Stay informed and prepared by viewing ATIXA’s 2024 Title IX Regulations Injunction Tracker.

Under the assumption that the 2024 Regulations may not take effect on August 1, if at all, the existing need for Resolution Support Services (RSS) remains. This means that under the 2020 Regulations, live hearings and separate investigations will still be required. Many institutions may benefit from hiring external consultants like TNG Consulting (ATIXA’s parent company). We have a deep bench of expert consultants and partners to manage live hearings, investigations, and decision-making for you.

If your existing need requires more comprehensive complaint resolution, TNG offers The FAIR Center—a wraparound solution to support institutions with case management, investigations, resolutions (formal and informal), and comprehensive interim staffing for all your office and team needs. With TNG’s expertise, you can be confident that your complaint resolution process will exemplify professionalism and fairness. The uncertainty in the field will prompt schools and institutions to consider both RSS and The FAIR Center when making staffing decisions.

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