Gender Identity in the Classroom

Gender Identity on Campus: Managing Misgendering, Deadnaming, Pronouns, and Other Challenges of Trans, Transitioning, and Non-Binary Identities in Higher Education

Date: June 16, 2022
Time: 11:00am-3:00pm ET

$399 non-member
$349 member

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Workshop description:   Sam comes to the Title IX office with a complaint that he’s being both publicly misgendered and deadnamed in class by his history professor. The professor asserts that there are only two genders, and refuses to use the names and pronouns with which Sam identifies. What is the Title IX office to do?

June walks into the Title IX office, irate. Her colleague, Rafi, is now using the women’s restroom in their department. But, Rafi is a trans woman, and June refuses to use the restroom along with someone who has a penis. She feels unsafe, and thinks anyone with a penis should be required to use the men’s room. June files a complaint that she’s being deprived of the ability to safely use the women’s restroom in her department, which is discrimination on the basis of her sex. What is the Title IX office to do?

Bartok is non-binary and brings you a complaint that they failed their religion class. The main graded assignment was a paper, and Bartok’s was an exploration of gender in the Bible. Bartok’s scholarship explores agendered characters in the Bible and delves into mistranslations of scripture that are misused to support a Biblical belief in the immutability of sex. Their professor, Sonia Dolittle, fails them on the paper and for the class. Bartok files a Title IX complaint arguing that the F is rooted in discriminatory beliefs held by Dolittle, a Christian theologian. What is the Title IX office to do?

These situations, and similar ones, are coming soon to an institution near you. Or, they’ve already arrived. Culture wars are being fought over gender, and you’re expected to be the referee. Does a faculty member have a right to intentionally misgender a student? Do they violate Title IX if they repeatedly deadname a student, but they don’t know that deadnaming is offensive? Does a faculty member have a free speech right to insist on calling men Mr. and women Ms.? Does a faculty member’s academic freedom allow them to fail a student for interpretations of the Bible that don’t comport with their own beliefs? Does a university violate an employee’s religious freedom by insisting she use a restroom that is also being used by someone she considers to be of “the opposite sex?” Can you discipline that employee for publicly protesting about her belief that she is being forced out of her own restroom?

While the political battles and lawsuits are raging, these are real-world questions you need to be able to answer today, when Title IX complaints are filed. Do you know how to balance Title IX rights and academic freedom? Who wins when Title IX and religious freedom are at odds? Should you process a complaint of anti-trans discrimination or accept that misgendering is protected speech? What do you do when someone files a Title IX complaint in your office against someone who’s filed a religious freedom complaint with the University Equity Officer arising from the same conflict? Who has jurisdiction? Your office? EEO? Both? Is this one complaint or two? What process should apply to resolution?

If these are questions you struggle with or anticipate that you will struggle with, this new workshop from ATIXA is just what you need. We’re going to ensure you know the law but through the lens of practical case studies, rather than recitations of complex concepts like the Pickering balancing test. You don’t need to know Pickering, or Bostock, or Meriwether, for that matter – but you do need to know how to operationalize their lessons as you carry out your duties to ensure appropriate application of Title IX’s protections of sex and gender while balancing other rights that may also be in play. Federal law might protect the right of faculty to misgender someone, but also the right of students to cancel them if they do. This is a workshop full of practical advice and survival skills for those who need to navigate the complex and emerging conflicts related to gender in college.

Who should attend?

  • Title IX Coordinators
  • Directors of Equity/Diversity/Inclusion/EEO
  • Directors of HR
  • Legal Counsel
  • Title IX Team Members
  • Academic Affairs Administrators
  • Directors of Compliance
  • LGBTQIAA2SP+ Center Coordinators and Directors
  • Public and/or private and/or religious college employees will all benefit from this workshop

Learning Outcomes:

  • Be able to understand the correct answers to each case study, why those answers are correct, and how to extrapolate the principles of each case study to similar situations
  • Understand how to manage forward when civil rights are in play for all parties to a complaint
  • Be able to navigate the intersection of Title IX with free speech, academic freedom, and/or religious freedom

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