Overview of the Office for Civil Rights Title IX Rulemaking Process (2022)

ATIXA anticipates that OCR will issue a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking for Title IX within the next month. While this process may be familiar to some, there are many new Title IX practitioners who have joined the field and ATIXA since the 2020 Regulations implementation. As such, we wanted to provide a roadmap of what to expect to help members prepare for and understand the Rulemaking process and when there will be opportunities for their input in the coming months. 

This document provides a brief overview of the Rulemaking process from research through implementation, including minimum timeframes for each step and, where applicable, a reference to the timeline followed by the previous administration for the 2020 Title IX Regulations. ATIXA will be collecting comments from members to inform its official comments that will be submitted to OCR. More information on how to submit comments to ATIXA will be forthcoming!

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