ADA/504 Coordinator

In this one-day course, ATIXA faculty will provide a comprehensive overview of disability laws and guidelines regarding accommodations. Additionally, participants will explore the elements required for a well-developed grievance process and grievance forms and discuss best practices in organizational structure.

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Explore the intersection of ADA and 504 with Title IX

The U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights provides the compliance oversight of disability based discrimination under 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. OCR requires that each institution appoint a 504 Coordinator. If you are the Title IX Coordinator, this may be you. The 504 Coordinator does not generally serve as your institutional Disability Services Coordinator; rather, the 504 Coordinator provides oversight of compliance with Section 504/ADA and oversees a grievance processes. These grievance processes are designed to address circumstances of challenge by an individual – faculty, staff or student – dissatisfied with your institution’s disability-based process or response. OCR engages in investigations following a 504-based complaint similar to Title IX investigations. One common requirement that follows the investigation is that the 504 Coordinator provide documentation of training related to Section 504 and ADA, as well as provide a developed policy and grievance process to respond to internal complaints or challenges.

In this course, you will learn:

  • Disability-based laws, including ADA, Title II, Title III, 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, The Fair Housing Act and Title IX
  • How-to in providing accommodations, including: academic accommodations, accommodations related to clinical placements and field experiences, physical accommodations, and facilities accommodations
  • Pets on campus and in living facilities
  • Pregnant and parenting students
  • Creating a disability grievance process
  • Development of grievance forms
  • ADA
  • Mental health concerns

Who Should Attend?

  • 504 Coordinators
  • Disability Service Coordinators
  • EEO Directors
  • Equity & Compliance Directors
  • Deans
  • Chief Student Affairs Officers


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This course offers a comprehensive overview of disability laws and guidelines regarding accommodations, explores the elements required for a well-developed grievance process and grievance forms, and discuss best practices in organizational structure.


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