Violence Risk Assessment with NABITA Endorsement

Become familiar with the Violence Risk Assessment (VRA) tool.

Explore individualized safety or risk analysis for Title IX.

Violence Risk Assessment  with NABITA Endorsement is a half-day course that will introduce participants to the VRA process. The Title IX regulations mandate an individualized safety or risk analysis if an institution is going to limit educational access (e.g., emergency removal), which can often take the form of a VRA. This program will help practitioners implement an evidence-based process that reduces bias, mitigates legal risk exposure, and ensures consistency in determining (1) if a VRA is warranted, (2) who should conduct the VRA, and (3) what to do after receiving the VRA results report. Those who attend the training will receive information on how to vet those conducting a VRA, how the VRA differs from other types of assessments, and how to work collaboratively with behavioral intervention, care, and/or threat assessment teams to ensure an effective and thorough process.

After completing this course, participants will be able to…

  • Explain the steps of the Violence Risk Assessment process
  • Distinguish between general, psychological, threat, and violence risk assessments
  • Develop effective collaboration and communication between the BIT and Title IX staff
  • Describe the key components of a good violence risk estimate
  • Evaluate potential VRA assessors’ skills and training to determine if they meet the institution’s needs
  • Interpret VRA reports to inform decision-making about emergency removal and supportive measures

Who should attend:

  • Title IX Coordinators
  • Deputy Title IX Coordinators
  • Intake/Case Coordinators
  • Legal Counsel
  • Compliance and Risk Management Professionals (Title VI, Title VII, Title IX, ADA/Section 504, AA, EEO, Clery)
  • Human Resources Professionals
  • Student Conduct Professionals
  • Law Enforcement/Campus Safety/School Resource Officers
  • ADA/Section 504 Coordinators
  • Disability Services Professionals
  • School Board Members
  • Superintendents, Principals, Assistant Principals
  • Behavioral Intervention & Threat Assessment Team Members
  • Case Managers
  • Academic Affairs Administrators & Deans

In-Person Training

Live, In-Person Training

  • $349 Member
  • $399 Non-Member

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  • October 21: 8:30am - 12:30pm ET Orlando, FL Register


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