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Mandatory Reporting

Did I hear that right? FREE eTraining for my entire institution?

ATIXA is pleased to offer a new, FREE Mandated Reporter eTraining for higher education institutions. This is a terrific option for Title IX Coordinators, compliance officers, and others seeking a high-quality training for all mandatory reporters within their institutions.

Given the centrality of reporting to compliance and prevention efforts, it is critically important to offer quality training to ensure employees know their roles and responsibilities, as well as skills and strategies to effectively fulfill those responsibilities.

This eTraining module:

  • Provides an overview of mandated reporter responsibilities
  • Reviews the types of reportable behaviors under Title IX, the Clery Act, and Title VII
  • Introduces skills and strategies that mandated reporters need to effectively communicate their reporting responsibility and respond to disclosures
  • Includes a model script that mandated reporters can use as they navigate challenging conversations with students or employees who have disclosed potential misconduct

After completing this training, participants will:

  • Become familiar with their mandatory reporting obligations
  • Gain knowledge and skills to support fulfilling their compliance requirements
  • Understand how to file a report and make a referral to the appropriate campus offices

The eTraining should take participants approximately 30 minutes to complete and includes a one-page resource full of tips and model language for responding to a disclosure. A certificate is available upon completion. This eTraining is designed to complement your reporting policy and ATIXA recommends you provide a copy of your reporting policy alongside ATIXA’s eTraining module.

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