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ATIXA Community Connections Networking Program

How Does Community Connections Work?

Welcome to ATIXA’s newest networking opportunity, Community Connections! Through this program, we aim to create a robust network for those who desire to share their experiences, advance their skills, expand their knowledge base, and foster new relationships within the field.

This discussion-based networking program is exclusive to all ATIXA members seeking additional connection, collaboration, and support from other Title IX professionals. Participants are sorted into groups of 3-5 members total, including a designated group facilitator, based upon the professional goals, preferences, and chosen affinities indicated on the application, such as institution type, job title, role, and discussion topics. Facilitators will be determined based on their willingness to volunteer as indicated on the application. If enough facilitators do not volunteer, each group will be asked to designate one of their members as the facilitator. The facilitator will be tasked with welcoming members, coordinating regular meetings, creating topics of discussion, moderating discussions, sharing resources, keeping the group organized, and boosting morale.

Once groups are determined, we will notify each applicant and prompt each designated facilitator to reach out to their group and coordinate the first meeting. From there, the group will decide on meeting cadence; however, we recommend each group meet virtually once a month, or at least once every other month.

How Do I Participate?

To participate in Community Connections, you must have an active ATIXA membership in good standing and apply by the deadline for each round (6-month period). If your current membership is set to expire within 90 days of submission, you are still eligible to apply. However, you must renew by the expiration date to remain in the program or risk removal from the current round. If you purchase a membership while the application is in process, you will still be accepted but must ensure payment is submitted by the start of the program.

Application Process

Submit your application by Friday, July 12th. Please take your time to respond to the open-ended questions with as much detail as possible so we can group participants together for the best possible experience.

Applications will open for one month, twice a year (June & December), and then close for review. Groups will be assigned and notified within three (3) weeks of closed applications and run for six (6) months; however, groups may continue to meet following the program as each party sees fit. Community Connections will run for two (2) rounds each year: August to January, and February to July.

Participants are eligible to apply for subsequent rounds of the program, pending active membership, for the opportunity to be grouped with new cohorts and further diversify their network.

Please note: Participants must abide by ATIXA’s Member Policies as well as all program eligibility requirements laid out above, or they risk removal from the program and future opportunities.

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What are the Benefits of Participating?

  • Expand professional network and collaborate with other TIX professionals.
  • Establish connections with other institutions or organizations within your field.
  • Problem-solve work-related challenges with the support of your colleagues.
  • Share experiences, enhance skills, and evolve knowledge base.
  • Gather invaluable feedback and gain new perspectives.
  • Collect and share resources amongst your group.
  • Facilitators will be entered for a chance to win a $25 gift card upon satisfying all eligibility requirements (listed below), which will be distributed two (2) weeks after the program’s conclusion.

Facilitator Eligibility Requirements

  • Maintain an active ATIXA membership and remain in good standing for the duration of the program.
  • Create a positive, welcoming, inclusive group dynamic and boost morale.
  • Coordinate and schedule all group meetings once per month, or at least once every other month.
  • Determine, lead, and moderate topics of discussion while keeping conversations respectful, relevant, and constructive.
  • Complete both pre- and post-program evaluation surveys.
  • Please note: Failure to abide by any of these requirements is grounds for dismissal from the program, forfeiture of gift card, and ineligibility for future participation or leadership roles.

ATIXA Community Connections FAQs

Yes, all experience levels are welcome to apply. Both novice and seasoned Title IX professionals are welcome to apply.

In ATIXA Mentor Match, Title IX professionals that are new to the field are matched with more experienced professionals for career development and guidance. Click here for more information on Mentor Match.

Members will be placed in groups of 3-5 members total, including a facilitator. We will match you with other members based on the networking preferences indicated in your application.

Please be sure to notify the ATIXA Team and your group facilitator if you are moving into a new role or to a new institution, especially if your email address changes, so that there is no lapse in communication.

No problem! We understand circumstances may change, and you can drop out of the program anytime. However, we ask you to notify your group facilitator and the ATIXA Team.

Yes, you may apply as many times as you’d like! Participating multiple times will allow you to expand your network and meet more ATIXA members.

Liability Statement

Any advice or opinion provided during this program, by either ATIXA staff or otherwise, delivered privately or within a group setting, does not, unless otherwise stated, necessarily represent the opinions or views of ATIXA. Advice or opinion provided during ATIXAprograms should never be construed as legal advice. Always consult with your legal counsel to ensure you are receiving advice that considers existing case law, any applicable state or local laws, and evolving federal guidance.

Questions? Please refer to the FAQs above or feel free to contact for more info.