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ATIXA's Policy & Procedure Builder

Enabling institutions to customize ATIXA's 1P1P to their unique institutional needs.

A premium, implementation-ready policy template at your fingertips

ATIXA specializes in policy and procedure frameworks. Our policy and procedure (P&P) models have been widely recognized and adopted by thousands of institutions across the United States. We are excited to introduce the ATIXA Policy & Procedure (P&P) Builder, a groundbreaking, efficient policy development tool that is the first of its kind. This resource, available exclusively to Super Members, streamlines policy and procedure customization while ensuring compliance with the 2024 Title IX Regulations. Not a Super Member? Join today or upgrade your members by emailing today.

ATIXA’s One Policy, One Procedure (1P1P) Model has long been considered a class-leading template for P&P excellence. Now, the P&P Builder allows schools and colleges to readily customize ATIXA’s 1P1P model to reflect institutional culture. Versions that allow customization of our K-12 and AMPP models will be available in mid-summer. What used to be a manual task has been transformed into a state-of-the-art, automated tool. The P&P Builder streamlines customization, providing a seamless and efficient experience. Customization coupled with automation to save you time and money—what could be better?

How the Policy & Procedure Builder Works

Getting started is as easy as logging on to your MyATIXA page and answering questions about your institution and policies. Based on your responses, you will receive a customized version ready for immediate implementation. What once took many hours to customize can now be accomplished in a fraction of the time, providing a premium, implementation-ready policy template at your fingertips. Most users find that customization in total takes 2-3 hours, producing a best-in-class template that ensures your compliance with Title IV, Title VI, Title VII, Title IX, VAWA/Clery §304, and the Fair Housing Act.

Please note that this tool’s output is not legal advice. We strongly recommend consulting with your legal counsel and key campus stakeholders before implementation. Customization time may vary based on user expertise, school complexity, and state law requirements. At ATIXA, we are committed to providing efficient and robust solutions for your institution. Join us in paving a path toward excellence in educational equity and safety.

Helpful Tips

Download your policy right away after using our P&P Builder. Complete it in one sitting, or over time. Work on it solo, or with your team. The software will save your changes as you go at your own pace. Keep in mind, the policies and procedures in the P&P Builder are only active while your membership is active.

ATIXA’s Policy and Procedure Review

If you prefer to engage ATIXA’s experts to guide your customization or review your changes once you complete the builder, then we are here to help. Texas, New York, and California users—your state laws are complex, and we have state-specific policy tools for you. Reach out to us today to commission a state-specific compliance P&P template. While the P&P Builder automates the process, we also offer policy development and revision services if you want to work with us directly to develop something based on our templates, or that is completely bespoke for your needs.

Choose from five levels of our light to comprehensive P&P revision services, all designed for swift implementation to ensure your institution meets the August 1st Title IX compliance deadline:

(1) Self-revision of P&P using ATIXA models, followed by a final review from an ATIXA expert who will also provide a detailed walkthrough via Zoom.

(2) Self-revision of P&P based on your internal efforts or another model (not ATIXA’s), with an ATIXA expert conducting the final review and offering a comprehensive analysis via Zoom.

(3) Engage ATIXA for the revision of your P&P according to ATIXA standards.

(4) Engage ATIXA for an inclusive revision of your P&P following ATIXA models, covering additional documents such as Process B, employee handbook, and faculty handbook.

(5) Commission ATIXA to create a new, custom set of Title IX (or broader) P&P tailored to your needs, including website updates, flowcharts, and any necessary workflows.

*1P1P is now available in the template, and AMPP (ATIXA’s Model Policy and Procedure) will be available by mid-summer.

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