Comprehensive Implementation Guide

The new Title IX Regulations are complex, confusing, contradictory, and likely to provoke a lot of litigation. Step carefully. Where should you start? ATIXA has deciphered OCR’s hundreds of pages of legalese with explanations of the provisions, and our expert advice on how best to contend with them. Sometimes, we advise to follow a rule.

With other provisions, we offer you practical work-arounds or multiple ways to interpret or implement OCR’s directives. Since most Title IX professionals are not lawyers by background, ATIXA has created this comprehensive guide to implementing the regulations at your institution, school, or district. This guide offers ATIXA’s step-by-step roadmap to implementing the 2020 Title IX regulations. As a guiding premise, remember that it is always critical to understand the philosophical underpinnings of Title IX and to continue to apply those standards alongside the technical requirements emphasized in the new regulations. This guide will help you to confirm your institutional commitment to sex/gender equity and continue the important work you’ve undertaken in recent years, while making the required changes to re-emphasize and ensure due process for all parties. ATIXA endeavors to help you to steer a course that is compliant with the new federal mandates, but that does not unravel your current progress in doing so.

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