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The ATIXA Title IX Toolkit

For those of you who came to rely on ATIXA’s Investigation in a Box, we’re excited to be bringing you a much-evolved version called the ATIXA Title IX Toolkit (TIXKit), available for access and purchase.

Access Now

Please make use of the new shareable link (), located to the top right of all resources you can access in the Library. This option allows you to reference and share ATIXA Member Library materials with your fellow ATIXA members, whether on the listserv or within your institution.

Please note that the shareable link will work for two weeks, after which it will prompt anyone to log in to their ATIXA membership to regain access to member-only material. Please refrain from simply copying and pasting the resource URL, as it will expire much more quickly, as a way to preserve ATIXA member materials for members.

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