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CCC/Badge FAQs

CCC/Badge FAQs

ATIXA has our Continuing Certification Credits (CCC) program for our membership, training, and certification digital badges within our website.

Go to the ATIXA website, hover over Membership and then select ‘My ATIXA’ and log in. Once there, scroll down to the ‘My Certifications’ and ‘My Active Badges’ sections to view or download any certification, digital badge, endorsement, or event transcript.

To log in go to the ATIXA website, hover over Member Services and then select ‘My ATIXA’. Once there, scroll down to the ‘My Certifications’ section. For Badges, scroll down to the ‘My Active Badges’ section.

While logged into the ATIXA website, watch any on-demand training, webinar, workshop, seminar, or community event through the ATIXA Resource Page, or Member Library for members, it will auto-apply.

Each ATIXA Certification is good for 2 years. Within that timeframe, while your certification is still valid, you can take another certification course or obtain re-certifying CCC’s to renew your certification with a maximum extension of four years from when the certification was granted.

All of your ATIXA Certifications, including those already expired, can be found on the My ATIXA page of the site.

Non-Certifying eTraining courses and modules do not count toward CCC re-certification credits and also will not be visible on your My ATIXA page Event Transcripts. If you feel you are missing a certification, or a course is missing from your event transcript, please complete the form located on the My ATIXA page and we will get back to you.

ATIXA has a number of options such as our Community Events and some Webinars that do not require a purchase.

The number of credit hours is based upon the length of time of each training. For instance, community events are 1.5 credits, while 20-Minutes-to…Trained topics are .25 credits.

You need 12 CCC’s for a certification to re-certify for another 2 years.

Scroll down to the My Certifications section of the My ATIXA page. Once there you can click the link to download your event transcript.

Digital Badges for membership and trainings are active if shown in the ‘My Active Badges’ section of the page. Our system automatically ties these to your membership and certifications in the above ‘My Certifications’ section. Expiration dates follow those pathways.

These types of events do not provide certifications, however they do provide re-certifying credits toward all certification renewals.

Re-certification credits will start accumulating six months before the expiration date, giving you plenty of time to re-certify!

Joe received a certification that expires December 31, 2025. He takes another certification course before then and extends his certification’s expiration date until December 31, 2027. He will be able to start accumulating re-certification credits again in July 2027, six months before his certification expires.

Examples of On-Demand Trainings for CCC Recertification

Webinar On-Demand Products

20-Minute-to…Trained Video Modules

ATIXA Annual Conferences

Time with IX Community Events

Attend a Training & Certification Course

CCC re-certifying credits will automatically be added to your account simply by watching the on-demand video or attending the event.