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2020 Regulations Requirement: Posting of Training Materials

To publicly post ATIXA materials on your site, you have these options, only:

  • Copy the URL for this entire page ( and post it to your institutional or organizational website.
  • Copy the link to any particular item/training below that you or your Title IX team members attended, and post that link(s) to your website. In order to copy the correct link, please click on the page icon next to the material(s) you want to copy.
  • If you don’t have a website, you will have to make hard copies of these materials available for inspection. ATIXA will not be providing hardcopies of any items on this page.

Again, the above pathways are the only methods permitted. You are not authorized to post ATIXA materials publicly in any other way.

To Members of the Public Accessing This Site

34 CFR Part 106.45(b)(10) requires all ATIXA training materials to be posted publicly. This site facilitates the centralization of hundreds of materials developed by and owned by ATIXA, which can be linked to by individual colleges and schools.

The materials posted to this site are proprietary and are copyrighted. Those copyrights are registered with the Library of Congress. The legal penalties for copyright infringement range from $200 to $150,000 for each work infringed, and the infringer pays for all attorneys’ fees and court costs.

Your right is a right of inspection and review of the materials on this site, only. No other right is granted beyond viewing. You are not authorized to copy, use, adapt, save, repost, share publicly, or alter any contents from this site. You are not permitted to use the materials on this site for training, or for any commercial purpose. Any such use will result in damages equivalent to the full-per-head registration costs to the applicable ATIXA training, plus damages for reputational harm to ATIXA, in addition to any copyright infringement fines and/or penalties.

Proceeding to use and access the content on this page demonstrates your acceptance and understanding of these terms and conditions. To contact ATIXA with questions about any of the contents of this site, please email


By purchasing, and/or receiving, and/or using ATIXA materials, you agree to accept this limited license and become a licensee of proprietary and copyrighted ATIXA-owned materials. The licensee accepts all terms and conditions of this license and agrees to abide by all provisions. No other rights are provided, and all other rights are reserved. These materials are proprietary and are licensed to the licensee only, for its use. This license permits the licensee to use the materials personally and/or internally to the licensee’s organization for training purposes, only. These materials may be used to train Title IX personnel, and thus are subject to 34 CFR Part 106.45(b)(10), requiring all training materials to be posted publicly on a website. No public display, sharing, or publication of these materials by a licensee/purchaser is permitted by ATIXA.

You are not authorized to copy or adapt these materials without explicit written permission from ATIXA. No one may remove this license language from any version of ATIXA materials. Licensees will receive a link to their materials from ATIXA. That link, or links to the materials on this page only, may be posted to the licensee’s website for purposes of permitting public access to the materials for review/inspection, only. Should any licensee post or permit someone to post these materials to a public website outside of the authorized materials link, ATIXA will send a letter instructing the licensee to immediately remove the content from the public website upon penalty of copyright violation. These materials may not be used for any commercial purpose except by ATIXA.

Public certification trainings you have taken with ATIXA since 2018 are posted below, including the slides and materials for all such trainings. The materials may not be dated or labeled with your specific training but are materially the same as the materials used and provided to you during your training. The order of some slides may change over time, as may slight variations to content, but the main substance is unchanged.

All ATIXA trainees are mandated by the Title IX Regulations, 34 CFR Part 106.45(b)(10), to post training content used to satisfy the Title IX Regulations’ training requirements to your college’s, school’s, or district’s website. Here is some information you may want to have about such public website postings:

  • You are required to post the most recently used trainings for your Title IX team members to your website by August 14th, 2020.
  • You should keep your website up-to-date as new trainings are provided to your team, but you are only required to keep the most current versions used to train posted online.
  • You should maintain an archive of all training materials provided to your Title IX team for a period of seven years starting from August 14th, 2020, but you are not required to post all such trainings publicly, online.
  • To publicly post ATIXA materials on your site, you have these options, only:
    • Copy the URL for this entire page ( and post it to your institutional or organizational website.
    • Copy the link to any particular item below that you or your Title IX team members attended, and post that link(s) to your website.
    • If you don’t have a website, you will have to make hard copies of materials available for inspection. ATIXA will not be providing hardcopies of any items on this page.
  • Materials are posted from January 1st, 2018 to the present. The materials included are those you received from ATIXA in your registrant site when you registered for your certification training.
  • You are not required to post trainings prior to August 14th, 2020, but we have placed two years of prior trainings on this site for you.
  • Training materials are listed below by type of certification or training and by year but not by location.
  • ATIXA cannot vouch that any materials on this site were seen by any particular trainee, and ATIXA has not verified the registration or attendance of any individual for any particular training.
  • Certification from ATIXA refers to attendance at a qualifying event; ATIXA cannot speak to individual attendees’ knowledge, expertise, or command of the material. Each attendee is responsible for the learning outcomes of any training.
  • There is nothing that would stop someone from copying a link from this site and claiming training they have attended. As such, ATIXA makes no guarantees as to representation or posting of its content with respect to any level of understanding, competence, comprehension, or even attendance of any individual.
  • The materials posted below are the aggregate of all trainings provided by ATIXA. They are not broken down by each individual training ATIXA has provided.
  • All post-August 14th, 2020 ATIXA certification registrants should come back to this page to obtain their publicly posted training materials. Do not take any links from the Lobby or a Course Material page to post.
  • Members and trainees, please understand that any member of the public can access these materials, and some will be searching for evidence that you have received training that is biased or biasing. While ATIXA materials are neutral, encourage impartiality (or multi-partiality), and a fair evaluation of all evidence, you should be careful about taking trainings from organizations that are biased or that have political agendas. Also, be careful about some trauma-informed training organizations whose content is not well-grounded in empirical scientific research or data.

Can you tell me which trainings I have done?

If you would like to request a transcript of the events that you have attended please send an email to with the subject line “My Transcript”. A copy of your transcript will be emailed to you automatically.

If you would like to request the transcript for someone else, please send an email to with the subject line the email address of the person who’s transcript you would like to request. Please allow up to 1 business day for these requests to be processed.

We used an item not listed to create our forms, policies, and procedures; how do I post this?

You don’t. These are not trainings, or training materials and therefore not expected to post them. You do not have permission from ATIXA to post these copyrighted materials.

Why do you only have 2018 items to present on this page?

ATIXA determined that materials older than that would not address current regulations-based training requirements. Certifications older than two-years are no longer in good standing with ATIXA.

How quickly do I need to post the training materials once I take a training?

The regulations do not specify, they only state that all trainings must be posted.

I want to post the actual video recording (where applicable), how do I do this?

The regulations did not specify that recordings be posted, only training materials. Thus, ATIXA has provided training materials, and does not grant permission for the posting of any recordings at this time.

Why are my specific training slides not posted?

ATIXA has posted generic slide sets for the most part, as a training content does not vary substantially from training to training.

I want to list every training I have ever taken with ATIXA, can you provide this to me?

Training materials are only required to be posted for the time period starting August 14, 2020 and forward. There is no requirement to post trainings taken prior to this date. However, as there are people within their 2-year ATIXA Certification time-period, we have provided everything from 2018 to present.

How do I know which supplemental materials to post for my Certification Course?

You can post the applicable materials that were contained on your Course Materials/Lobby page that was provided to you at the time of training.

Certification Course Training Materials

Supplemental Course Training Materials

Supplemental Course Training Materials

Webinar Training Materials

20-Minutes-to-Train Training Materials

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Additional Training Materials

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Customized Training Materials

All customized training materials from 2018-Present are included below. If you believe your organization’s customized training should be listed but is not, please contact our Custom Events Team at





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