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2024 Title IX Regulations Expert Consulting

Leverage the Expertise of ATIXA’s Team of Title IX Professionals to Achieve Compliance

ATIXA provides expert, personalized support to meet Title IX compliance requirements, available both in-person and online. Our services include customized training for Title IX teams, tailored to the 2024 regulations, and designed to suit the specific needs of schools, districts, higher education institutions, and organizations. We also conduct program equity assessments to discover compliance gaps and implement strategies to address community needs effectively.

Our resolution support services assist you in conducting investigations, managing hearing procedures, and advising parties involved. For organizations facing temporary staffing shortages, ATIXA offers interim staffing solutions. ATIXA has designed a set of consulting options tailored to meet your immediate needs to implement the 2024 Title IX regulations, below. Please contact us if you have specific needs that you don’t see addressed by these options.

Policy and Procedure Review

You’ve likely come to rely on ATIXA’s model policy and procedure (P&P) templates as a shortcut for your revision and compliance efforts. Thousands of schools use ATIXA’s 1P2P or AMPP models. In response to the 2024 Regulations, ATIXA is taking 1P2P offline and will revise it and AMPP as quickly as possible. The new models will be the 2024 versions of 1P1P and AMPP. These models should be complete within 2-4 weeks of the regs drop, as we have been working hard on them already. These models are included in all memberships or can be purchased by non-members. See purchase details below.

ATIXA also offers various options for light-to-comprehensive P&P revision services, if you wish to engage us to help you revise and prepare for the implementation deadline. Contact us for details on these five options, all of which can be completed expediently to ensure your school or campus is compliant by the regulations enforcement deadline. Those options include:

(1) Client revises their own P&P per ATIXA models. An ATIXA expert then does final review on the changes and meets with client via Zoom to walk through and analyze.

(2) Client revises their own P&P per their own internal work or some other model (not ATIXA’s). An ATIXA expert then does final review on the changes and meets with client via Zoom to walk through and analyze.

(3) Client engages ATIXA to revise its Title IX P&P per ATIXA models.

(4) Client engages ATIXA to revise its Title IX P&P per ATIXA models inclusive of revisions such as Process B, employee handbook, faculty handbook, etc.

(5) ATIXA writes a whole new set of custom Title IX (or broader) P&P for client to its specifications, to include website updates, flowcharts, and any needed workflows

Barrier Analysis

Barrier analysis is now required under the 2024 Title IX Regulations, adding responsibilities focused on identifying and remediating barriers to reporting under Title IX. ATIXA has been helping our clients with this for years, with very successful results. Super members can find ATIXA’s proprietary Barrier Analysis Roadmap Tool in the member library.

Barrier analysis is a systematic approach to identifying, understanding, and mitigating obstacles that prevent individuals or groups from filing complaints or equitably accessing resources. It is an inherent part of a Title IX coordinator’s responsibilities, but now the regulations have made that explicit. ATIXA’s barrier analysis review helps you pinpoint your organization’s systemic, procedural, or policy-related hurdles. We provide a roadmap that equips you with tailored strategies and solutions for identifying and mitigating barriers. These actionable insights enable you to foster an environment that is not only compliant with legal mandates but also deeply committed to fairness and inclusivity.

Over many years, we have seen significant success by collaborating with our clients to mitigate these obstacles, and many clients have committed to doing so on an ongoing basis as part of their Title IX programs. Now, barrier analysis will become an industry standard practice and it is effective when done well. How will you know? Reporting will increase as a result of mitigation efforts.

For more depth on this topic, our Tips of the Week are here and and here.

Decision Points Support

The 2020 Regulations were prescriptive. In many respects, they merged the floor of compliance and the ceiling of best practices, meaning that implementing the 2020 Final Rule was pretty straightforward. What OCR said we needed to do, we did. There wasn’t that much to discuss or decide upon. That’s not the case with the 2024 Regulations. Discretion and flexibility are the hallmarks of this new approach, and we count several dozen key decisions that all schools and colleges are now facing. These decision points require much thought, stakeholder input, and legal/risk analysis.

Let ATIXA’s expert consultants help to guide your school or college through these decision points, clearly identifying them and clarifying your options. We’ll explain the pros and cons of each option and offer recommendations on how to best exercise your discretion and flexibility not just to meet the floor, but to reach for the ceiling. See our short three-part video series on Regs Prep Steps here, which outlines these decision points based on the NPRM.

Briefing the Board and/or Cabinet

The 2024 Title IX Regulations are 60-70% different from the 2020 Regulations. This signifies a major shift rather than a mere evolution. It’s crucial to prepare your community for these changes. The field is moving from prescriptive rules to a more flexible framework, offering schools/institutions greater discretion in many aspects of the resolution process. ATIXA’s expert consultants are available to brief your board of trustees, cabinet, and senior leadership on these changes. Our experts will guide a discussion tailored to your school/institution on leveraging this discretion effectively, ensuring you meet industry standards while managing the risk of OCR investigations and litigation.

Importantly, ATIXA expects that the new regs will catalyze a 2-4x increase (over time) in reporting and in the number of complaints that proceed both informally and formally. Your board and cabinet need to be prepared for this, understanding that it represents a positive shift toward enhancing the safety and well-being of your community. However, it also means you will require more resources to manage the increased caseload promptly and efficiently. Let ATIXA’s experts guide your team, board, and cabinet to anticipate these changes, understand the implications, and assess your staffing and resource needs so your school or campus is fully prepared.

Implementation Training

While you are always welcome to attend an ATIXA Certification Training event, either live in-person, or virtually, ATIXA is also happy to come to your campus (live or virtually) to provide our certification training topics just for your school or campus, or for several schools regionally. This option could create significant travel time and cost savings, and may allow for training of a larger group. This option also allows ATIXA to customize the training to your specific needs, policies, and procedures. We can fine-tune our content to ensure we prioritize the topics and types of case studies that build the skills you need for your Title IX team, or other staff, administrators, and trainees.

Custom Training & Solutions

Are you struggling with team structure or Title IX complaint resolution processes? Our accessible, approachable consultants are here to help with any challenges in your team’s structure or processes. Together, we will assess your program and recommend strategies for improvement. Our solutions include off-site and on-site options tailored to your budget. Each package is built to meet the unique needs of your campus, university, school, or district. Is your institution’s Title IX team effective? Staff burnout, turnover, inexperience, and onboarding challenges abound. We can help. Our experienced consultants offer consultations and training to schools, districts, colleges, universities, workplaces, and organizations nationwide every day.

We specialize in identifying areas for improvement and designing tailored training solutions to fit your unique needs. Our consultants find that most issues stem from poor structure or ineffective processes. When we assess your program, we find the missing or dysfunctional elements quickly, with an experienced eye on what will optimize your approach. Structural problems such as having too few or too many team members, inequitable or biased investigations, documentation errors, and incomplete information are among the challenges we see daily that we can help you to improve. Additionally, we’ll pinpoint procedural issues such as time inefficiency, lack of objectivity, and insufficient documentation. With our expertise, you will receive specific recommendations to improve your team’s performance and make immediate enhancements.