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Your Regs Roadmap

ATIXA has been working hard to support your compliance needs during this regs season. Here is an overview, so that you can plan ahead and anticipate the resources we’ll be placing at your disposal in the coming weeks.

Overview Webinar On-Demand Recording

Thousands of members and non-members attended our Regs Overview webinar on Wednesday, April 24th. The on-demand recording and slides are now available here.

Q&A Webinar

On Friday, April 26th, we will host two hour-long Q&A sessions with ATIXA experts for members only. That’s right; it’s just a Q&A on the new regs. One session is for K-12 members, and one is for higher ed members. If you can’t attend live, don’t worry. Recordings will be available for all members who register.

Faculty/Academic Leader Webinar

In May, ATIXA will provide a free webinar for senior faculty and academic leaders. The new regs are dense enough that an overview/Q&A event for this audience makes sense. Look for an announcement of this event soon!

Upcoming ATIXA Position Statement

Also, in May, ATIXA will release a new position statement on all the main decision points in the regs, giving you clarity on ATIXA’s recommendations for our members and your best practice options.

Model P&P Templates

ATIXA’s model policy and procedure (P&P) templates have long been considered the industry standards, and that’s not going to change. What will change is the name. 1P2P (One Policy, Two Procedures) will now become 1P1P (One Policy, One Procedure), as it was pre-2020, recognizing that ATIXA only recommends one unified resolution process. While the regs lay out two possible processes, we encourage a simplified, streamlined approach to ensure consistency and efficiency.

  • In May, ATIXA will release its higher ed version of 1P1P.
  • Soon after, we will release our K-12 version.
  • Subsequent to that (we are targeting June), we will release ATIXA’s AMPP (ATIXA Model Policy and Procedure) in K-12 and Higher Ed versions.
  • Look for announcements for when these resources are published.

What’s the difference between 1P1P and AMPP? 1P1P is a global, unified model of resolution for all forms of discrimination for faculty, students, and staff. AMPP is just for Title IX (sex). So, AMPP is a narrower variation on 1P1P.

What should you expect from 1P1P? We’ve devised a terrific hybrid of §106.45 and §106.46, to give you a unified approach. It will incorporate a live hearing variation, for those of you who want or are required to offer live hearings. Otherwise, the model will be quite like our current Process B from 1P2P, as we devised that as a best practices model from its inception. It still is. Our K-12 models will address the unique challenges and resources of the K-12 space.

Who gets access to ATIXA’s model P&P? All members. They are included in your member resources and will be provided to all registrants of our regs implementation certification courses in Denver in early June. We are not going to be offering state-specific versions of the 1P1P model immediately, but we will accept state-specific commissions from clients upon request. We expect it will take 4-6 weeks to craft a custom version for your state, so please contact us soon if this is something you want ATIXA to provide for your school or campus.

P&P Drafting Services

ATIXA offers five levels of policy implementation services, to help you craft or customize our models to your needs. Those services are summarized here. However, we’re also excited to offer our Super Members and K-12 Professional Development Package holders a DIY policy customization tool that we think you are going to love. We’re aiming to release it by the end of May, and it will provide you with an easy shortcut to quickly adapt ATIXA’s models to exactly what your school or campus needs. Not a Super Member or K-12 Professional Development Package holder? There is plenty of time to upgrade, and this digital application is worth the cost alone. Contact today to upgrade your membership.

We don’t know everything about the new regs—a shocking admission, we know. But, we’re happy to find out, if we don’t know the answer to your question. We’re compiling questions for OCR’s Program Legal division, and we’re going to submit our questions and yours. We hope to receive timely guidance from OCR. If you’d like us to submit a question for you, please send it along to When we receive OCR’s responses, we’ll compile them into a searchable archive on the ATIXA site for ease of access for all members.

Virtual Training

Beginning in May, ATIXA will be offering monthly virtual certification training on the 2024 regs. We’ll be updating the schedule as new events are scheduled here. We’re also going to keep our 2020-regs-based certifications available a few times a year, so that you can keep your team 2020-fresh as needed.

Upcoming Certification Course Dates:

Implementing the 2024 Title IX Regulations for Higher Education

  • May 7, June 2 (Denver, CO), July 10, August 12, and September 18

Implementing the 2024 Title IX Regulations for Higher Education: Nuances & Best Practices

  • May 7-8, June 2-3 (Denver, CO), July 10-11, August 12-13, and September 18-19

Implementing the 2024 Title IX Regulations for K-12 Schools and Districts

  • May 13, June 2, (Denver, CO), July 9, August 14, and September 16

ATIXA’s Summer Symposium in Denver June 2-7

While we love training virtually, there is something value-added about training with us live, and we just enjoy seeing you in person. We hope you can join us in Denver for ATIXA’s 2024 Summer Symposium, but if you can’t, we’ll also be offering regs certification courses in Philadelphia, PA, in October at our annual conference October 27-November 1, 2024.


ATIXA has created over 300 templates for you, including letters, forms, templates, and checklists. It’s the leading compliance resource for Title IX offices, and we’re busy updating it for the 2024 regs (we are also leaving a 2020 version in place, because the 2020 regs aren’t going anywhere, and you’ll need to maintain compliance with both).

We expect to have the primary templates updated by August 1, and will roll out the remainder thereafter. TIXKit is included for all Super Members and K-12 Professional Development Package holders, and if you purchase TIXKit separately (there are several cost-effective versions), you’ll have access to both 2020 and 2024 resources, side-by-side.

MaxStack and GuardianPack

In the fall, we expect Maxient will have updated resources for our Super Members who have access to MaxStack and your access to these resources will be automatic within their database once they are updated. TNG Guardian clients will have access in the fall to the GuardianPack, which is an inclusion of key TIXKit templates into Guardian’s case management solution. For more information on TNG Guardian, please contact

Barrier Analysis

Want to learn how to conduct barrier analysis, which the new regs have made mandatory, or engage ATIXA to conduct barrier analysis for your school or campus? See our barrier-related services here. Also, if you need access to ATIXA’s proprietary Barrier Analysis Tool, it has already been uploaded to the member library (Super Member and K-12 Professional Development Package holders access only).

Jurisdiction Tool

Have you made good use of the online ATIXA Title IX Jurisdiction Tool? We hope so. We’re keeping it available for you online, and we’re also planning a 2024 regs version that we’ll launch in the fall. Stay tuned!

Regs Comparison Tool

Do you need a simple way to compare the NPRM and Final Rule side-by-side? Sure, we’ve got that—right here.

Just the Regs Training Please!

ATIXA’s certifications, workshops, and seminars are intended to build you into uber-competent, professional practitioners. We’ve granted 66,000 certifications since 2012. We also understand that some schools will only need a more abbreviated path, just bring their teams up-to-speed, or can’t afford days and days of training. What can ATIXA offer you?

We can provide training specific to the 2024 regs (and nothing more) with an in-person or virtual school or campus visit. We can offer you half-day, full-day, and multi-day options. These are not certifications, but they will provide the information you need to meet the training requirements for Title IX Teams for the 2024 regs. We can also offer you training for your larger community to meet the requirements of the regs, as needed. You can find details here.

Don’t See What You Need?

ATIXA is always interested in hearing from you. How can we help? What else can we do to lighten your load and assist your lift? We’re here for you. Just drop us a suggestion, and we’ll see what we can do.

Want More?

Now you’re just getting greedy! Isn’t this long enough already? Congrats on making it to the end! You know we’ll always have more in store for you. We’ll be writing again soon as new resources and services are available, but if you want to know what/when we’re planning, take a look at all the Regulations Guidance Documents we’re planning to release here.