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Customized Solutions for Title IX Compliance

Our consultants will help you assess where your program aligns with best practices and where it needs improvement.

Title IX Services, Training, and Consultation to Meet Your Unique Needs

Are you struggling with team structure or Title IX complaint resolution processes? Our accessible, approachable consultants are here to help with any challenges in your team’s structure or processes. Together, we will assess your program and recommend strategies for improvement. Our solutions include off-site and on-site options tailored to your budget. Each package is built to meet the unique needs of your campus, university, school, or district.

Is your institution’s Title IX team effective? Staff burnout, turnover, inexperience, and onboarding challenges abound. We can help. Our experienced consultants offer consultations and training to schools, districts, colleges, universities, workplaces, and organizations nationwide every day.

We specialize in identifying areas for improvement and designing tailored training solutions to fit your unique needs. Our consultants find that most issues stem from poor structure or ineffective processes. When we assess your program, we find the missing or dysfunctional elements quickly, with an experienced eye on what will optimize your approach. Structural problems such as having too few or too many team members, inequitable or biased investigations, documentation errors, and incomplete information are among the challenges we see daily that we can help you to improve.

Additionally, we’ll pinpoint procedural issues such as time inefficiency, lack of objectivity, and insufficient documentation. With our expertise, you will receive specific recommendations to improve your team’s performance and make immediate enhancements.