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Hearing and Non-Hearing Decision-Makers and Advisor Services

We’re neutral, impartial, balanced, and independent. Our decisions hold up in court, and our advice honors the equal dignity of all participants in your resolution process.

To Address a High-Profile Complaint, Identify a Complex Fact Pattern, or Avoid the Risk of Bias and Conflict of Interest, Look to Us

Our decision-makers and hearing advisors strive to provide all parties with respect, insight, and guidance. As advisors, we make it possible for colleges and schools across the U.S. to ensure that every student or employee has an unbiased support person throughout the Title IX process, which promotes your institution’s equity goals.

As decision-makers, we know that schools can struggle with decision-making. A professional decision-maker blends analytical skills, subject matter expertise, hearing management chops, collegiality, and strong writing. Three of those five skills won’t suffice; our decision-makers can offer you all five while ensuring good judgment, responsiveness, and transparency. An effective decision-maker must know the rules, understand the evidence, talk to lawyers and advisors, manage witnesses, and make decisions consistent with institutional culture.

Hearing Advisors

Our team of experts can act as advisors to students and employees during all meetings, interviews, hearings, and appeals related to allegations of misconduct in accordance with Title IX and VAWA Section 304.

Hearing and Non-Hearing Decision-Makers, Hearing Chairs, and Hearing Officers

As impartial decision-makers, we preside over hearings related to misconduct, discrimination, and other violations of conduct codes by students or employees. When we act as Chair, you can feel confident that our work will comply with the regulations. Bring us on as your hearing officer, and we will attend pre-hearing meetings, review procedures with you, and attend multi-day hearings for you. Our rationales will provide a clear and comprehensive explanation of our reasoning, capable of withstanding appeal challenges and legal scrutiny.