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Member Self-Care Savings

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ATIXA is excited to announce a brand-new discount on self-care services exclusively for our members! Our association has partnered with HelloFresh to offer new HelloFresh customers a discount over the course of their first five boxes. New customers can receive 65% off + free shipping on the first box, plus 20% off the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th boxes.

Additional benefits exclusively for members include discounted access to the world’s largest online therapy platform from BetterHelp and AAA’s travel planning, roadside assistance, and far-reaching discounts. ATIXA’s partnership with BetterHelp provides members with access to one month of therapy at not cost, plus 15% off ongoing monthly services. This benefit does not expire. New classic AAA members are entitled to a rate of $55 for the first year.