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Claire N. Kaplan, Ph.D., M.P.W.

Claire Kaplan, Ph.D., is a nationally known victim advocate, anti-violence educator, writer, and artist. An adjunct faculty member at the University of Virginia, she teaches courses on gender-based violence and social justice, and violence prevention on campus. For nearly three decades, she directed the Gender Violence and Social Change Program at UVA’s Maxine Platzer Lynn Women’s Center, serving as a confidential advocate for survivors. Currently, Claire consults with educational institutions on Title IX issues, including case investigations. She facilitates workshops on how trauma impacts survivors in the classroom and beyond, the formal and informal options available to survivors when seeking redress at their schools, and parent-focused sessions: how sexual misconduct is addressed in higher education; why it’s important to consider how schools address this issue when your child is deciding on a college; and how to effectively support your child if they are harmed through intimate violence. She is Associate Producer of “Dear Katie: Survivor Stories” and co-host of the podcast with Katie Koestner. Currently, Claire is writing a book, The Last Thing I Expected: A Parents’ Guide to Understanding Sexual Misconduct and Title IX on Campus. She lives in Central Virginia with her wife of 33 years, unkempt garden and three opinionated cats.

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