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Responding to Stalking Seminar

The Intersection of Title IX, Behavioral Intervention Teams, and Risk Assessment

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Recommended Prior Learning: 

Sex-Based Harassment Foundations for Higher Education, Investigation Foundations for Higher Education, Title IX Coordinator Foundations for K-12 Education, or Title IX Investigator Foundations for K-12 Education

Seminar Coming Winter 2024

Address Stalking Using ATIXA’s Comprehensive Framework

This seminar provides participants with an in-depth look at the complex issue of stalking in the education environment, from prevention to intervention to response, including how it affects students and employees.

ATIXA’s expert faculty members review applicable definitions and response requirements under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) and Title IX, as well as best practices when working with sophisticated technology/cyber manifestations of invasive behavior. They review how to manage the overbroad federal stalking definition in real-world situations and how this overbreadth can impact our students on the spectrum.

Learn how to identify stalking behaviors, the impact of these behaviors, and your options for response and support for the affected party. Participants will also explore the intersection of Title IX and the work of Behavioral Intervention Teams (BIT) as it relates to risk assessment and response to stalking allegations.

Topics Covered

  • Definitions: VAWA, Title IX, Non-Sex-Based Stalking
  • Stalking as a Continuum of Conduct
  • Indicators of Potential Stalking
  • Cyber Stalking
  • Differentiating Stalking from Lurking
  • Impacts of Stalking and Non-stalking Behaviors
  • Addressing Stalking and Non-stalking Behaviors
  • Safety Planning Tips
  • Case Study

Key Takeaway

Operationalize ATIXA’s “Stop, Prevent, Remedy” framework to address stalking, determine appropriate interim and supportive measures within the formal Title IX process, and consider collaborating with your behavioral intervention team for effective interventions.

After completing this seminar, participants will…

  • Define stalking under both VAWA and Title IX
  • Distinguish between lurking and stalking behaviors and appropriate responses to each
  • Differentiate among the forms of stalking, including cyberstalking
  • Consider specific cultural identities and mores when responding to alleged stalking
  • Identify opportunities to partner with a behavioral intervention team to assess levels of violence risk
  • Explore options for investigating, interventions, and responding to stalking behavior

Who Should Attend?

  • Title IX Coordinators
  • Deputy Title IX Coordinators
  • Title IX or Civil Rights Investigators
  • Decision-makers
  • Hearing Chairpersons
  • Appeal Decision-makers
  • Informal Resolution Facilitators
  • Intake/Case Coordinators
  • Training and Prevention Professionals
  • Human Resources Professionals
  • Student Conduct Professionals
  • Legal Counsel
  • Compliance and Risk Management Professionals (Title VI, Title VII, Title IX, ADA/Section 504, AA, EEO, Clery)
  • Law Enforcement/Campus Safety/School Resource Officers
  • Victim Advocates
  • Student Affairs Administrators
  • Superintendents, Principals, & Assistant Principals
  • Behavioral Intervention & Threat Assessment Team Members
  • Case Managers

This seminar is tailored to be applicable for Higher Education Institutions, K-12 Schools and Districts, as well as Dual Enrollment programs.

Please note, Seminars do not offer certifications but they do receive digital badges. Attendees will earn 2 re-certifying credits toward any currently held Certifications. Please click here to view our Continuing Certification Credits (CCC) FAQs.

There are currently no scheduled events for this certification, please contact to inquire about future availability or to bring an ATIXA trainer to your school or campus for an individualized training on this topic.