2020 Regulations Requirement: Posting of Training Materials

To publicly post ATIXA materials on your site, you have these options, only: Again, the above pathways are the only two methods permitted. You are not authorized to post ATIXA materials publicly in any other way. To Members of the Public Accessing This Site 34 CFR Part 106.45(b)(10) requires all ATIXA training materials to be […]

ATIXA On-Demand Training Products

Below is a list of ATIXA’s past webinars and virtual training events that are available for purchase! Interested in more than one? All live training and webinars are included in the cost of ATIXA Super Membership – consider upgrading your membership or joining here! eTraining Certification Courses Access the best in Title IX professional development opportunities […]

20-Minutes-to…Trained Video Modules

ATIXA launched this groundbreaking web-based sexual misconduct training series in 2018. Since then, this series grew to 27 modules and has seen over 12,000 downloads. Now, ATIXA has added nine additional topics. Building on the success of our brief-topic format, ATIXA now offers 36 modules within our web-based video training series to meet (and exceed!) […]