2020 Annual Conference On Demand Package

Please note that this package is no longer available for purchase. Visit the On-Demand Training page to view the most recent ATIXA Conference On-Demand Recording Package.


Although the conference is complete, the terrific content lives on! You can still experience some of the key conference offerings by purchasing the 2020 Annual Conference On Demand Package! This package includes recordings of all programs from the Conference Schedule with the exception of the Roundtable sessions.

ATIXA’s 2020 Virtual Conference On Demand Package includes:

  • Two full days of important Title IX content including expert panels, featured speakers, and powerhouse keynotes.
  • Opening Keynote Speaker, Tarana Burke, the founder of the ‘me too.’ Movement.
  • Nine Featured speaker sessions that include Q&A recordings on a variety of timely Title IX topics.
  • The Plenary Session with our Partner panel on “Early Lessons – What We Have Learned Implementing the 2020 Title IX Regulations.”
  • The Closing Keynote Panel on “Science-Based Investigative Interviewing, the Neurobiology of Trauma, and Sexual Assault Investigations.”

Opening Keynote: The ‘me too.’ Movement

Tarana Burke

Founder of the ‘me too.’ Movement and Advocate for Survivors of Sexual Violence

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Presentation Abstract: Tarana speaks about the origins of the ‘me too.’ Movement and the premise – that the power of empathy is key to survivors’ healing – that it is built on. She talked candidly about why sexual violence is so rampant in our culture and talked about concrete ways that every day citizens can interrupt it. Her talk is a call to action that is meant to inspire and motivate all who are affected by sexual violence- which is everyone.

John Sheilds, Ph.D., M.S.W. Senior Research Scientist, ETR

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Presentation Abstract: Does it seem like the new regulations were developed without full understanding of the K-12 context? This session will identify and discuss the most significant implications of the pending Title IX regulations on K-12 Districts and Schools. Participants will emerge with an understanding of how the new regulations will specifically affect their District’s Title IX infrastructure, practices, and compliance – and have the opportunity to craft and discuss solutions with their K-12 colleagues. Participants will be provided a written primer on the regulations they can use to inform stakeholders at their District.

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Due to technical difficulties, this Q&A session did not record properly. We are sorry for this inconvenience.

Rick Olshak, M.S. Director of Title IX Compliance, Texas A&M University System & ATIXA Advisory Board Member & TNG Affiliated Consultant

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Presentation Abstract: Higher education has a long history of seeking to use informal methods of conflict resolution to address allegations of misconduct. Unfortunately, many of the efforts of colleges and universities have been ill-conceived and short-lived. In this session, Rick will identify specific areas of conflict resolution methods that hold promise to remedy civil rights allegations, and identify the conditions required for these efforts to thrive. Rick will specifically examine mediation, restorative practices, and conflict coaching, and offer a historical perspective on the need for institutional leadership, establishing the right programs and services for the individual community and its members, identifying and allocating appropriate resources, developing a culture and assessment, and establishing a sustainable program.

Lori K. Dakessian, Esquire and Patricia Hamill, Esquire
Partners & Chairs of the Title IX, Due Process and Campus Discipline, Conrad O’Brien

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Presentation Abstract: The new Title IX regulations have laid out a robust grievance process before any finding of responsibility or discipline can be imposed on a responding student. This presentation will focus on possible pitfalls for Title IX coordinators, investigators, and decision makers as colleges and universities begin to navigate new policies and procedures mandated by the new regulations. In addition to a focus on the new regulations, this presentation will discuss key Title IX decisions that will likely inform how courts interpret key concepts in the new regulations, including fairness, notice, access to evidence, proper training, bias, stereotypes, and hearing processes.

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Part 1:

Part 2:

Q&A Session:

Amy Zavadil, Ph.D., Founder, Amy Zavadil Consulting & ATIXA Advisory Board Member

Georgina Dodge, Ph.D., Vice President for Diversity & Inclusion, University of Maryland, & ATIXA Advisory Board Member

Jennifer Cunningham, M.A., M.S., Assistant Director of Student Conduct & Resolution, Soka University of America

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Presentation Abstract: There are numerous pressure points in the work of Title IX practitioners. As the field continues to evolve, the profession needs us to stay well and continue striving for equity in education, particularly in times when social inequities have been so exposed. This session will identify a variety of coaching strategies and models to support growth and resilience for Title IX Practitioners. Coaching is a resource for expanding thought processes to facilitate effective practices for self care and team building. We’ll discuss self coaching strategies, informal coaching and team approaches to add to your toolbox.

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Robin Kelley, M.Ed., Ph.D. Founder & President, Kelley Consulting Firm

Melinda Manning, J.D., M.S.W., Director, Beacon Program, University of North Carolina’s Hospital System, Faculty & Chair Of the Board of Directors, North Carolina Coalition Against Sexual Assault

Bob Wood, M.A. Title IX Coordinator, Gwynedd Mercy University

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Presentation Abstract: Despite the enormous responsibilities bestowed upon Title IX Coordinators, they often lack the authority, support, training, or resources required to oversee the institution’s or school’s compliance with Title IX efforts. Title IX Coordinators enter institutions and schools without having any input into the existing infrastructure for handling reports and complaints of sex discrimination in terms of policies, procedures, and investigations. Not having processes, procedures, and policies that treated cases consistently and irrespective of whether there is one investigation or 30 investigations at the same time, that the process would be the same time for each case and each complainant. This panel discussion will explore the various experiences of the panel members who are current and former Title IX Coordinators and administrators. Additionally, the panel members will highlight the challenges and comprehensive supports needed for Title IX Coordinators and administrators.

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Brenda Adams, J.D., Senior Counsel, Education Equity and Litigation Equal Rights Advocates

Kel O’Hara, Equal Justice Works Fellow Equal Rights Advocates

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Presentation Abstract: How can a survivor-centered approach to Title IX adjudications actually benefit both parties? This interactive presentation explains how trauma-informed responses to complaints of sexual violence can create more equitable processes and protect the education of both complainants and respondents alike. By addressing common misconceptions about student survivors and highlighting the complex challenges faced by marginalized students – including survivors of color, disabled survivors, and LGBTQ survivors – during Title IX adjudications, as well as reviewing some of the recent recommendations issued by the ABA Commission on Domestic & Sexual Violence, we will explore how survivor justice is a necessary part of protecting all students’ civil rights, achieving campus cultural change, and dismantling societal support for gender-based violence.

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Due to technical difficulties, this Q&A session did not record properly. We are sorry for this inconvenience.

Networking Session

Emily Martin, J.D., Vice President for Education & Workplace Justice National Women’s Law Center

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Presentation Abstract: In the wake of #MeToo going viral, a broad-based movement has rallied under that banner that it is time to believe survivors. And a loud backlash has asserted that any claims that survivors are entitled to be believed amounts to a violation of the rights of named harassers. The call to “Believe Survivors” grows out of a long legal and cultural history of mistrust of women’s truthfulness when they speak out about sexual violence. And this fight remains a very current one. Department of Education officials justified their revisions to the Title sexual harassment regulations by raising the specter of false allegations of sexual assault and suggesting that women and girls often claim that they were assaulted when they just regret having had sex in the first place. The keynote will provide context about the ways in which our cultural beliefs about gender and credibility inform the current debate about who is entitled to belief and how to create a fair institutional process for resolving allegations of sexual harassment and assault.

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Kim Pacelli, M.Ed., J.D., Partner, TNG & Advisory Board, ATIXA

Makenzie Schiemann, M.S., Executive Director, NaBITA & Vice President of Case Management Initiatives, TNG

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Presentation Abstract: Although Title IX administrators and the Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) have distinct roles and expertise, the two areas must work collaboratively and communicate effectively when cases overlap and when other intersections arise. This presentation will explore the different models of overlap between the work of the BIT and the Title IX team and share strategies for ensuring effective communication, collaboration, and partnership. Additionally, we will explore specific intersections that are likely to arise under the 2020 Title IX regulations, including working collaboratively regarding supportive measures, emergency removals, and other types of case management support. Lastly, the presentation will explore whether to include Title IX as a member on the BIT and will use brief case studies to provide participants with some hands-on experience.

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Kim Turner, Esquire, Senior Staff Attorney & Project Director at Legal Aid Work

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Presentation Abstract: This session will cover the basics of Title IX with respect to gender equity in athletics, including participation opportunities, treatment and benefits, anti-retaliation mandates, and more. The presentation will further review how Title IX operates within the K-12 athletics program context, wherever interscholastic sports are played at elementary, middle, and high schools, including charters. A brief review of the law and regulations will be included with examples of Title IX cases and settlements regarding athletics issues. Attendees will not only gain key general information about Title IX athletic equity requirements in K-12 education but will also come away with universal, easy-to-use tools for examining athletic programs to establish lasting equity for all students.

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Plenary Session: Early Lessons-What We Have Learned Implementing the 2020 Title IX Regulations

Presentation Abstract: This session will cover the basics of Title IX with respect to gender equity in athletics, including participation opportunities, treatment and benefits, anti-retaliation mandates, and more. The presentation will further

Closing Keynote: Science-Based Investigative Interviewing, the Neurobiology of Trauma, and Sexual Assault Investigations

  • Susan Brandon, Ph.D., Consultant
  • Jim Hopper, Ph.D., Consultant & Teaching Associate of Psychology, Harvard Medical School
  • Christian Meissner, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology at Iowa State University
  • Christopher F. Wilson, Psyd, LLC. Licensed Psychologist

Presentation Abstract: This session will consist of four brief presentations addressing the research and application of science-based investigative interviewing (Brandon & Meissner), the potential brain-based impacts of acute stress and trauma on human experience, cognition, behavior, and memory that must inform any effective methods for interviewing victims of sexual assault (Hopper), and the implications of interviewing methods and potential impacts of stress and trauma for adjudication processes (Wilson).

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