Full-spectrum consulting services provided by expert, passionate practitioners

From proactive safety efforts to incident response to creating policies and procedures for long-term impact, TNG’s team of consultants bring expertise, passion, and integrity to every engagement.

The TNG Difference

What TNG Can Do

At the heart of all of TNG’s work is risk management. Our team brings a blend of expert perspectives and our proprietary systems-level solutions to engagements to improve safety in higher education, K-12, and work environments.

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BIT and CARE teams charged with determining the mechanisms for support, intervention, warning/notification, and response look to TNG. We provide expert consulting services from experienced practitioners committed to supporting your team.

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Campus, district, and school Title IX team members need expert guidance in navigating the laws around gender equity. We provide strategic implementation, training, and compliance consulting solutions tailored to your institution, campus, state, district, or school.

Our safety experts are leaders in their fields and develop the resources we bring to consulting engagements. Their experience grants you access to best practices in assessing, preventing, and responding to law enforcement, K-12, higher education, and workplace safety-related concerns.

More than a dozen TNG expert investigators bring a professional, unbiased, and conflict-free lens to discrimination, sexual misconduct, and other civil rights investigations.

TNG provides expertise further enhanced by our reputation for an agnostic, non-partisan approach. We serve as expert witnesses, hearing advisors, and neutral third-party decision-makers in hearings related to education and professional discrimination and safety cases.

Choose from a pre-designed or custom-tailored consulting package. We work to address the specific needs of your organization or institution, leveraging our deep industry expertise to create comprehensive solutions and provide vetted strategies.

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Supporting behavioral intervention and CARE teams

NABITA is the leading association that provides education, resources, and development to the behavioral intervention professionals working to create safer campuses and workplaces through prevention and intervention.

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Supporting Title IX coordinators

ATIXA provides a professional association for Title IX coordinators and administrators working to advance gender equity at the state, district, school, campus, and college level.

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Supporting schools, higher education, and workplaces

Leveraging over 20 years of expertise in higher education risk management and over 100 years of combined experience in our fields, we support clients in higher education including community colleges, K-12, organizations, and workplaces in creating safer communities.

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