ATIXA’s Policy and Procedure Tools: Now Open-Source for Best Practice Guidance

ATIXA’s model policies and procedures have been member-only resources for many years. To encourage broader adoption, ATIXA has decided to open-source its models, making them freely available to all schools and colleges.

Below, you now have access to ATIXA’s ground-breaking models, newly updated in August of 2021 to reflect the most recent changes from OCR regarding the Cardona decision. ATIXA’s models come in a variety of flavors.

For those who want to implement class-leading model policies and procedures that comply with the Title IX regulations, ATIXA publishes the AMPP model.

For those who are seeking a more unified, intersectional approach, ATIXA’s 1P2P model complies with the Title IX regulations, but also allows for the resolution of complaints of all forms of discrimination involving all faculty, students, and staff with one set of policies, a regs-compliant procedure, and a model for an alternate procedure outside of the regulations, that is still compliant with Title IX and VAWA §304 civil rights standards.

ATIXA offers a K-12 version of AMPP and several state-specific versions of 1P2P to address the specific legal requirements of state law in CA, NY, and TX.

As a bonus, ATIXA is also open-sourcing our innovative online jurisdiction tool. Jurisdiction is complicated – way too complicated – under the 2020 Title IX regulations. So, we automated the process of figuring it out. Answer six simple anonymous questions, and the algorithm processes 135 potential variables to give you a short conclusion on jurisdiction and what steps to take accordingly. ATIXA members have been using this clever tool for some time, and now it’s freely available all Title IX administrators who grapple with the jurisdiction question. 

Here’s a list of what is now freely available on this site:

  • One Policy, Two Processes Model Policy (1P2P)
  • ATIXA’s Model Policies and Procedures (AMPP)
  • ATIXA’s K-12 Model Policies and Procedures (K-12 AMPP)
  • State Specific Versions of the 1P2P for NY & TX
  • State Specific Version of the 2P1P for CA (inclusive of SB493)
  • One Policy, Two Processes Model Policy Online Comparison Tool: View the difference in versions before and after the Cardona decision
  • Online Jurisdictional Rubric
  • 7 Flowcharts
    • 1P2P
    • Case Flow and Intersection of Title VII and Title IX
    • Finalizing the Investigation Report
    • Informal Resolution
    • Investigation 106.45(b)(5)
    • Mandatory or Discretionary Dismissal
    • 3 Buckets of Evidence

Moreover, you’re not on your own for implementation. ATIXA offers comprehensive consulting packages to support implementation by members and non-members, which include working with you to modify ATIXA’s models to fit your unique campus and/or school environment. We work with task forces, committees, and senates, to ensure that proposed policies and procedures are approved and implemented. ATIXA also offers training for all members of the Title IX team on implementing the models. Click here to make an inquiry for our consulting services.

One Policy, Two Procedures (1P2P) Model Policy

This model goes beyond the scope of the AMPP model because it applies to all students and employees and covers all forms of sexual misconduct (the Big Five offenses and beyond, such as sexual exploitation), plus all other forms of discrimination (race, religion, ethnicity, age, disability, etc.). In addition to a Section 106.45-compliant model (Process A), 1P2P offers a full alternative civil rights process for resolution outside of Section 106.45 (Process B). There is no K-12 version, but 1P2P can be adapted by users for K-12 environments. The premise of 1P2P is that resolution of all forms of discrimination should be the same for all members of the campus community.

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ATIXA's Model Policies and Procedures (AMPP)

This model is compliant with the new 2020 Title IX regulations. It can be applied to students and/or employees, for the big five offenses only (sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating, violence, domestic violence, and stalking). A K-12 version is available. AMPP has only a Section 106.45-compliant (Process A) model. It assumes users already have a Process B in place as an alternative when Process A does not apply.

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ATIXA's K-12 Model Policies and Procedures (K-12 AMPP)

This model policy and procedures can be implemented at large or small K-12 school districts and within public, private, charter, or independent K-12 schools. ATIXA recognizes that schools vary in size, structure, governance, capacity, and resources and has drafted this model to comply with the federal 2020 Title IX Regulations.

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On-Demand Recordings

Watch all three on-demand recordings of the Implementing the One Policy, Two Procedures (1P2P) Model Policy. All are free to Members of ATIXA.

1P2P Implementation Webinar - Part 1: Overview

Part I is an overview of the 1P2P model. This webinar explains where the model came from, how it evolved from the pre-2020 1P1P model, what it does and does not do, and how you can use it.

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1P2P Implementation Webinar - Part 2: Policy

Part II of this webinar series is a walkthrough of the Policy sections of 1P2P, with explanations by its authors.

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1P2P Implementation Webinar - Part 3: Procedures

Part III of this webinar series focuses on the Procedures of 1P2P, including both Process A and Process B. The presenters will show how 1P2P functions as a user-guide, both for those involved in the grievance process and those who administer it.

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Additional Important Resources

Time with IX Community Event On-Demand Recording

Implementing the One Policy, Two Procedures Model Policy

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Questions About the Regulatory Definitions of Offenses, 1P2P, and the Previous ATIXA Best Practice Model Definitions

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What is the 1P2P Model from ATIXA and Why Should You Consider Adopting It?

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Time with IX Community Event On-Demand Recording

Exploring the Effect of the Cardona Decision on Cross-Examination and Live Hearings

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Time with IX Community Event On-Demand Recording

Time with IX: Jurisdiction, Dismissal, Process A, Process B, and Operationalizing the ATIXA Models

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Time with IX Community Event On-Demand Recording

Taking Off-Campus Jurisdiction Over Online and Off-Campus Student Misconduct Training During the Pandemic

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